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So Tekashi69 could face life in prison

Which is nice because we might finally get to see a mumble rapper completing a sentence

Who is Joseph Kony's favorite rapper?

Soulja Boy

Who's Kony's favorite rapper?

Soulja Boy.

Rapper joke, Who's Kony's favorite rapper?

If the rapper Biz Markie had a female dog, he could name her...

...Miz Barkie

I'll stop

What do you call a Rapper who smokes too much?


What do they say about a rapper who stole a dictionary?

He got a way with words.

Why did the rapper go to Whole Foods?

He heard they had fresh beets.

Rapper joke, Why did the rapper go to Whole Foods?

Bill Gates is a good rapper.


Did you know Zimbabwe loves the rapper 50 Cent?

Or as he's known there, 400 billion dollars.

why were the rappers late for their flight?

they forgot tupac

Why did the rapper scream into his Easter basket?

He wanted to give a shoutout to his peeps

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Which rapper would you rather bring back from the dead?

- Tupac
- Biggie Smalls
- Eazy E
- Meek Mills

Why can't rappers take holidays?

They always forget Tupac.

What does a gangster rapper Juice Wrld do when they are involved in a shipwreck?

Swim fo sho

My favorite rapper is 50 cent

Or as the British people now call him, 10,000 pounds.

I don't understand Facebook.

If I wanted to convince complete strangers that my life was better than theirs I'd become a rapper.

Rapper joke, I don't understand Facebook.

What do you call a one legged rapper?

A Hip-Hop artist

My 83 year old grandfather is still trying to be a successful rapper, his name?

Two canes

One man he is rapper

He go to rap battle

He say to he enemy: i will make sick rap now

So what he do: he pull out chicken and salad and he put all in burrito bread and he roll and he say: here this wrap it is very tasty: eat it!!

He enemy: oh yes, this taste really good, it is a sick wrap!

so both go home and are not hungry^^^^^^^^^^freelx

What did the rapper say when he couldn't find his pants?

"Where my knickers at?"

What do you call a rapper whose half black and half white?

50 percent

What do you call an Arab rapper?

Someone who drops allahu akbars.

What do you call a rapper that really likes flowers?


Who's the best rapper in the jungle?

Kendrick Lemur

Which rapper is the most acceptable to Muslims?

Halal Cool J

Why do rappers hate bicycles

They can't handle the bars

Is R Kelly a rapper or a raper?

It depends how much pee is involved.

What did the rapper, The Game, say when 50 cent gifted him a sweater?

Gee, you knit?

What's a rappers favorite toy?

A yoyo

Did you hear about the female rapper who only battled when she was on her menstrual cycle?

They said she had a mean flow!

A vegan, feminist and a famous rapper walk in a bar

I only knew because they told me 10 times.

Have you guys heard about the female rapper who performs on her menstrual cycle?

They say she has a mean flow

Have you heard of the rapper showing off cryptocurrency?

He calls himself blockchainz.

PS. Please be forviging. Haha!

Post Malone may be a popular rapper, but have you heard of his long-lost cousin Ho Malone?

His most popular track is about some kid named Kevin who has to fight off burglars in his house.

Enjoying music is like eating candy.

The first thing you do is throw away the rapper.

I just saw the rapper Shaggy perform at the Super Bowl pre-game concert. In case you're wondering who invited him...

It wasn't me.

There is a plane of children along with a priest, a rabbi, and a rapper is flying to New York

Suddenly, the engine catches fire. The rabbi says, "We must save the children." The rapper yells back, "Screw the children!" The Priest responds, "Do you think we have enough time?"

What do you call a female rapper?

35 Cent

Whos squidwards favorite rapper


What is Albert Einstein's rapper name?

MC Squared

A struggling SoundCloud rapper decides to get a job as a farmer...

He now produces his own beets

I once knew a rapper who used cannabis infused citrus as chewing tobacco

He spat some dope limes

A rapper made an album while in prison. But everyone who bought it was jailed. Why?

Because they had a criminal record.

Why did the scientists clone Chance the Rapper?

Because people deserve a second Chance.

If 6ix9ine serves his 47 years...

he'll be the first mumble rapper to finish a sentence

If Hitler was a rapper, he would make the best diss tracks.

He was good at roasting people.

Why did the mumble rapper broke out of the prison?

Because he couldn't complete his sentence

What's it called when a rapper goes to the gym for 20 minutes?

A Lil Pump.

What does a mumble rapper and a politician have in common?

both of their careers depend on incomprehensible bullshit

What do rappers and vegans have in common?

Fake beef

What did the rapper say to his banker?

Can I postpone malone?

How do you beat a diabetic rapper in a rap battle

Candy Bars

Rapper Eminem has tested positive for COVID-19

In a statement released by doctors, it has been been revealed the following symptoms: his palms were sweaty, knees weak and arms were heavy. Not to mention that there was vomit on his sweater already.

Initial testing suggests that the cause is: Mom's Spaghetti.

What do rappers like to add to their coffee?

Two pack sugar.

What do you call a piece of paper that can sing

A rapper

DmX meets Prince Phillip at the pearly gates

DMX meets Prince Phillip at the Pearly Gates after DMX dies at 50 years old.

Prince Phillip scoffs at him. "50?!".

DMX says "Nah man, you got me confused with that other rapper."

What do you call distinguished, highly respected rapper?


What do you call it when a rapper attacks a loved one?

beats by Dr. Dre

"I saw a famous rapper urinating onto a gravestone."

"P. Diddy?"

"Yes, onto a gravestone."

What do they call the rapper "50 Cent" in Venezuela?


Music is like candy...

Its great, as long as you throw away the rapper.

Have you heard of that rapper who always complains about being single on Reddit?

I think his name was... Post-Alone?

Music is like candy...

It's great once you get rid of the rapper.

Rapper 50 cent just came out as bisexual…

He's now called 50/50.

At my school there's a rapper named MC Squared

The science teacher just calls him E

One of the Three Stooges was reincarnated as a popular rapper, but he couldn't hear very well.

Moe's deaf

Person 1 says: I like Eminem

Person 2 says: Well, I prefer Skittles.
Person 1 says: No- I meant the rapper.
Person 2 says, confused: Why would you eat the wrapper?

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