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A mental patient escapes from an asylum, goes into a laundrette and rapes a bunch of women. The police arrive and he escapes. Newspaper headline the next day reads....






Two nuns sare coming back from the market late at night

- "Sister Andrea, it's already dark and we are still quite fare from the covent"

- "Yes Sister Dulce and did you notice that a man is following us??"

- "Yes! and what do you think he wants ?"

- "logical, rapes us... what should we do??"

- "logical: we split way, you on the left me on the right"

The man starts following Sister Dulce. Sister Andrea arrives to the Covent, and is worried because Sister Dulce is not arrived yet. After 1 hour here she comes.

- "What happened??"

- "Well I started running and obviously as did the man"

- "and??"

- "Logical: he reached me.."

- "Oh dear god! And what did you do??"

- "Logical: I lifted my dress up"

- "And what did he do??"

- "Logical: He dropped his pants"

- "god.... and??"

- "Logical no? A nun with her dressed up runs faster than a man with his pants down"

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If Bill Cosby rapes an immigrant...

Is it Alien Vs Predator?

Rapes joke, If Bill Cosby rapes an immigrant...

I prevented 2 rapes last night...

Self control.

Lunatic escapes from an asylum, goes to a launderette where he rapes three women before running off into the woods. Next morning's newspaper headlines read....


Another movie reboot

Pam and Doug were walking past a movie theatre when Doug pointed and said hey look they're remaking that old PG-13 classic, but it looks like this time they're giving it an R!

Pam looked over and, sure enough, there was a big poster for Planet Of The Rapes

All US prison wardens got together and brainstormed to put a stop to prison rapes.

They finally decided on a high tech solution- an anti-slip soap bar with an internal combustion engine equipped with state of the art artificial engine that would fly the soap back to the prisoner's hand even if it somehow falls down.

The Russian wardens too found a solution- shower gel.

Rapes joke, All US prison wardens got together and brainstormed to put a stop to prison rapes.

Recent studies have shown that 5 out of 6 people enjoy gang rapes, and would be apart of one again.

What do you call a jew that loves fermented grapes and also rapes?

Harvey Wine-stein

What do you call someone who rapes a king?

A penetraitor.

What's the difference between Michael Bay and Roman Polanski?

One rapes your childhood figuratively and the other rapes your childhood literally.

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What's the difference between Roman Polansky and Michael Bay?

One rapes children and the other rapes childhoods.

what do you call someone who rapes people?

A rapist.

What do you call it when Brett Cavanaugh brings along his friends and rapes a Republican woman voter?

Social Justice.

What do you call it when Barry Allen rapes someone?

A Flashbang

Why are there no rapes in Canada?

Because people there never say 'No' to anyone.

Rapes joke, Why are there no rapes in Canada?

A man rapes a prostitute..

and its arrested the next day for shop lifting.

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