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How did the computer hackers get away from the scene of the crime?

I think they just ransomware.

EA have been hit by ransomware and need to pay up to $7,000,000

Hackers claim they want EA to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when they finally unlock their information

So I got a virus on my computer

And the thing is, I didn't do anything and it just disappeared.

Must have ransomware.

Ransomware joke, So I got a virus on my computer

How did the WannaCry hackers get away?

They ransomware.

"Officer, where did the hacker escape?"

"I'm not sure sir, he used the backdoor and ransomware"

How did the hacker escape the police?

He just ransomware!

Officer, where did the hacker escape?

I dunno man, he just ransomware

Ransomware joke, Officer, where did the hacker escape?

Where did the hackers go when they escaped?

No idea, they just ransomware

My girlfriend dissapeared when she got a virus on her computer one day and never came back.

I guess she Ransomware..

How did the hacker get away?

He just ransomware.

Where did all the Cyber security consultants go for the last few days?

They ransomware.

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Q. Why were the cops unable to catch the hacker?

A. Because he ransomware

When I asked the police how the hackers got away, they responded...

"I don't know, they ransomware."

A police officer is chasing a hacker

He loses track of him in the streets and asks a passerby:

-Where is he,where is the hacker!?

-I don't know,he ransomware.

Officer, how did the hacker escape?

I don't know...he just ransomware!

Why hasn't the wanacry hacker gotten caught yet?

He ransomware

Ransomware joke, Why hasn't the wanacry hacker gotten caught yet?

Where did the security experts go?

They ransomware.

Where did the hacker go?

I don't know, he ransomware

I once had an online hacker friend

But he ransomware

Getting an STD is like downloading a virus...

...but getting married is like downloading ransomware.

Officer, where did the hacker go?

I don't know, he ransomware

10-4, back up, I need back up

What's your location?

16 and 11. Hacker is on foot.

Where is the suspect headed?

I don't know. He just ransomware.

Officer, how did the hacker escape?

Dunno, he just ransomware.

How did the kidnappers get away?

They just ransomware.

I scared off my best friend as a prank today...

He was so terrified that he ransomware.

I know where the WannaCry ransomware hacker is

He ransomwhere

On a lighter side of ransomware

She : You have a girlfriend?
He : No. I had one, though.
She : Where did she go?
He : She Ransomeware !

What did the hacker do when the police came for him?

He ransomware.

I WannaCry

Because my dad *ransomware*...

How did the latest cyber criminals evade capture?

They ransomware.

You know what hackers did when Police showed up at their house?

They ransomware safe

Officer, how did the hackers manage to escape?

No clue. They just ransomware.

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