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My nurse is obsessed with power rangers

Each time she gives me pills she says "it's morphin' time"

Got too much pain from watching Power Rangers

Guess it's morphine time...

It's hard to make good Power Rangers jokes.

Most of the time, they feel Super Megaforced.

Rangers joke, It's hard to make good Power Rangers jokes.

An American goes to Australia

And is attending a talk by Bush rangers while taking a wild tour about how it is very dangerous and you should always be on your watch. After the bit about how kangaroos are dangerous, he asks "Is there anywhere in Australia where something or someone isn't trying to kill you?"


What do you call a group of drug dealers with superpowers?

The Powder Rangers.

Sandbox games

The newlyweds and young parents in town discover that the fine sand in the nearby nature resort makes for excellent sandbox sand. So people go in to get a big cart of sand and make some cheap garden sandboxes for their children. The park rangers forbid this and nobody can steal sand anymore. This guy sneaks in with a big cart and scoops it full but on his way out he sees a park ranger and starts to quickly shovel the sand out of his cart. "Oh no sir! You won't get away with it that easily!" the park ranger barks,

"You can't dump that here so take it right back home with you!"

The Power Rangers walk into a bar...

The bartender says, "We don't serve your kind here."

The Power Rangers say, "Why, because we're colored?!"

Rangers joke, The Power Rangers walk into a bar...

What do you get when you cross Godzilla, saved by the bell, and crystal meth?

Go go power rangers!

A Joke for Hockey Fans

A Devils fan, a Rangers fan and an Islanders fan are all standing at the edge of a cliff, staring death in the face. The Devils fan screams out "this is for New Jersey!" and proceeds to jump, plummeting to his death. The Islanders fan then screams out "this is for New York!" and shoves the Rangers fan off the cliff.

If Chippendales goes to a national park and rescues the park rangers..

Would the headline in the newspaper be Chippendales rescue rangers?

Steven Gerrard is appointed as the Rangers manager

A Rangers spokesman said, "We were looking for someone with previous experience at stopping Brendan Rodgers from winning the league."

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The Long Ranger and Tonto are hunting for buffalo

The Long Ranger and Tonto are riding the plains, hunting buffalo. Tonto stops suddenly, jumps down from his horse, and puts his ear the the ground.

Tonto exclaims, "Buffalo come!"

The Long Rangers says "Wow, how do you know?"

Tonto replies, "Ear sticky."

Which Super Sentai (Power Rangers) series is the least favorite among Puertoricans?


Why is Power Rangers a bad show?

Because your opinions don't count.

Nudist resort in Texas

Some creep slowly chipped a hole into the wall using an old spoon for some reason.

The rangers are looking into it

The new Power Rangers movie shocked a lot of people by having the Blue Power Ranger be autistic...

Everyone thought it'd be the White Power Ranger

Rangers joke, The new Power Rangers movie shocked a lot of people by having the Blue Power Ranger be autistic...

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