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So the Lone Ranger and Tonto are being chased by the bad guys...

To see if they're being closed in on Tonto puts his ear to the ground to listen for the sound of horse hooves.

"Kimosabe, no soldiers chasing us, buffalo come."

"How do you know that?"

"Ear sticky."

Tonto and the Lone Ranger

Chased by Injuns, the lone ranger and Tonto are galloping along when suddenly, Tonto stops, jumps down off his horse, puts his ear to the ground and listens. After a bit, he sits up and says 'BUFFALO COME!'

'how can you tell?' replies the lone ranger.

Tonto says 'Ear Sticky!'

Czech and a Mexican

A Czechoslovakian and a Mexican go camping, while they were in the woods the Czech gets eaten by a bear. So the Mexican runs to find the park ranger and says "park ranger a bear ate my friend"
The park ranger and the Mexican find two bears, a male and a female. The park ranger asked the Mexican which ate his friend he points to the male and the ranger kills him and guts him there are no remains of the Czech man in the bear. Moral of the story never trust a Mexican when he says the Check is in the male

Ranger joke, Czech and a Mexican

The Lone Ranger is in trouble now!

The lone ranger and Tonto are riding together, when suddenly they are surrounded by a group of Apache Indians, screaming like banshees and swinging warclubs.
The lone ranger takes a look at the war-painted pack of warriors howling for his blood, and yells to his faithful sidekick, "Looks like we might have to fight them off, Tonto!"
The lone ranger looks over his shoulder to see Tonto backing his horse away slowly.

"What you mean 'we', white man?"

The Long Ranger and Tonto are hunting for buffalo

The Long Ranger and Tonto are riding the plains, hunting buffalo. Tonto stops suddenly, jumps down from his horse, and puts his ear the the ground.

Tonto exclaims, "Buffalo come!"

The Long Rangers says "Wow, how do you know?"

Tonto replies, "Ear sticky."

Tonto and the Lone Ranger are walking up a mountain...

When all of a sudden they see a beautiful blonde coming down the mountain by horseback.

Tonto goes up to the woman and says, "Some"

The Lone Ranger looks at Tonto and says, "Tonto you idiot you're an Indian you are supposed to say HOW not SOME!!!"

Tonto Looks back at the Lone Ranger points at the woman and says, "No me know HOW, me want SOME."

Who is the KKK's favorite children's character ?

The White-Power Ranger

I came up with this after reading a cracked article.

Ranger joke, Who is the KKK's favorite children's character ?

Describe your latest laid with a movie title!

"The Lone Ranger"
"Home Alone"
"Bend It Like Beckham"

Now it's your turn!



where did the lone ranger take his trash to?

to the dump, to the dump, to the dump dump dump.

Who was Hitler's childhood hero?

the white power ranger

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The Lone Ranger and Tonto

The Lone Ranger and Tonto stop in their persuit of some crooks to check for tracks. Tonto presses his ear to the ground, sits up slowly and says thoughtfully "Hmmmm...buffalo come".
Amazed the Lone Ranger asks "Wow! How did you know that?!"
Tonto replies "Ear stick to ground"

The Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger and Tonto were riding across the prairie. Then Tonto got down from his horse and put his ear to the ground. He looked at the Lone Ranger and said, "Buffalo come."
The Lone Ranger looked at him and said, "Wow, that's amazing! How did you figure that out?"

Tonto looked at the Lone Ranger and said, "Ear sticky!"

Who is a KKK members favorite superhero?

The White Power Ranger

The lone Ranger and Tonto

The lone Ranger and Tonto are riding their horses when Tonto falls off. He lands in a ditch. The lone Ranger walks up and says "Tonto are you ok"? Tonto puts his ear to the ground and remains quiet. The lone Ranger repeats himself and Tonto quiets him and says "buffalo come" the lone Ranger says " you can tell that by listening to the ground"? Tonto says "no, ground very sticky.

What does a power ranger say before they do drugs?

It's morphine time!

Ranger joke, What does a power ranger say before they do drugs?

What do you call a white supremacist who fights aliens at night?

A white power ranger

Do you remember that episode of The Lone Ranger where Tonto got Alzheimer's?

Who's "me", kemosabe?

Lone Ranger and Tonto are riding across the plains

When Tonto stops suddenly, climbs down, and puts his ear to the ground.

Lone Ranger waits a few minutes, then asks Tonto, "What is it?"

Tonto said, "Buffalo come."

Lone Ranger asks, "How can you tell?"

Tonto replied, "Ear sticky."

What did one washed up Power Ranger say to the other?

It's Morphine Time!

The blue power ranger goes: "Blue power!" The red power ranger goes: "Red power!"

The white power ranger goes: "Non racist white power!"

Where does the Lone Ranger take his garbage?

To the dump, to the dump, to the dump-dump-dump!

What do you call a contract driver riding a Ford ranger?

A ute-Uber

The new Power Rangers movie shocked a lot of people by having the Blue Power Ranger be autistic...

Everyone thought it'd be the White Power Ranger

A guy goes into the forest to have some quiet time but is immediately pulled away by a park ranger

He wasn't a happy camper.

What did the crackhead power ranger say to the other power ranger?

It's mighty morphine time

What did the ranger tell Smokey when the National Forest Service was de-funded?

I can bear-ly handle all these fires alone.

What did the power ranger say to his patient when he became a doctor?

"It's morphine time"

What's Scooby Doo's favorite Netflix show?

Ranger Rings.

Where does the Lone Ranger take his garbage?

To the dump to the dump to the dump dump.dump, to the dump to the dump to the dump.dump dump...

What did the white nationalist dress up as for Halloween?

The White Power Ranger

Batman, but it's a Japanese action film

Mighty Orphan Power Ranger

A man is caught feasting on a Bald Eagle by a park ranger.

He is taken to court and the judge asks him why he committed this crime.

The man replies I had no other choice and this was my only way of survival.

Given the circumstances, the judge decides that this man is telling the truth and let's him off the case. But being curious, the judge asks Well, how did it taste like?

The man replied Have you ever had Spotted Owl?

What does a power ranger say when hurt?

It's morphine time

The Lone Ranger and Tonto were riding through the prairie

When all of a sudden Tonto stops and puts his ear to the ground. The Lone Ranger says, "What are you doing Tonto?" Tonto says, Keemosabi, buffalo come!" The Lone Ranger then says, "How can you tell?" Tonto replies, Ear sticky."

The Lobe Ranger and Tonto are riding in the desert

When they come to a high hill they can see that they are surrounded by wild indians on all sides.
The Lone Ranger says This doesn't look good my friend, they look fierce and out for blood. What should we do?
Tonto reply's What do you mean we white man?

The Lone Ranger and Tonto are on a ridge

And the lone ranger says: "Tonto! There's Indians to the North! And Indians to the West, Indians to the East and Indians to the South! What are we going to do?"

And Tonto goes: "What do you mean we, white man?"

What did the Power Ranger say after becoming a Junkie?

Its Morphine time

When Chuck Norris gets old and has to use a walker

Will he name his walker, Texas ranger

Got a new job at Gatwick Airport. I patrol the runways on a horse and shoot down any illegal flying devices in the area.

I'll be known as The Drone Ranger.

What did the old Power Ranger say every day at exactly 3:00 PM?

It's Morphin(e) Time!

What did the Power Ranger say when he got to the Hospital?

It's morphine time

They have announced a new Lone Ranger Movie.

The Lone Ranger Goes To Canada
or Onto Toronto Pronto Tonto.

Tonto and The Lone Ranger we're riding their horses next to some train tracks..

They stop and hop off their horses. Tonto puts his ear onto the tracks and tells The Lone Ranger Buffalo come . The Lone Ranger says how do you know? . Tonto says my ear is stuck .

In his later years, the Lone Ranger and Tonto were catching up on old times. After awhile the Lone Ranger paused and said I have some sad news.

Tell me, old friend said the faithful Tonto.

Well...I recently was diagnosed with Cancer

Bad spirits, replied his old companion.

The Lone Ranger look off into the distance for a minute. After all your years of wisdom, what do you think I should do?

Chemo, sabe

Ps this is my first joke post ever so I hope I did it right.

A woman goes fishing...

Just as she's about to get on the boat, the park ranger comes to her and says: "Ma'am, fishing is prohibited here. I'm gonna have to fine you."

And she responds: "But I haven't even started fishing yet."

To which he responds: "But you have the tools, right?"

So she says: "Ok then. If you fine me, then I will accuse you of rape."

Suddenly bewildered, the ranger says: "But I didn't even touch you."

To which she responds: "But you have the tools, right?"

The Lone Ranger stops for a drink

The Lone Ranger and Tonto ride into town one hot, summer day. The Lone Ranger's horse is looking overheated so the Lone Ranger tells Tonto to run around in circles fanning the horse off.

Sometime later a cowboy walks into the saloon and asks "Who's horse is that out there with the silver saddle?"

"That would be me," says the Lone Ranger. "Well you left your Injun running."

Did you hear about the cowboy who worked in a bank?

He was the loan ranger.

A Canadian park ranger is giving some ramblers a warning about bears,

Brown bears are usually harmless. They avoid contact with humans so we suggest you attach small bells to your rucksacks and give the bears time to get out of your way. However, grizzly bears are extremely dangerous. If you see any grizzly-bear droppings leave the area immediately.

So how do we know if they're grizzly bear droppings? asks one of the ramblers.

It's easy, replies the ranger. They're full of small bells.

What did the doctor say to the terminally ill Power Ranger?

It's morphine time!

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