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what did the ranch say to the refrigerator?

close the door, I'm dressing!

If you put on cowboy clothes,

are you technically, ranch dressing?

Why shouldn't you look at a cup of ranch?

Because it's still dressing.

Ranch Dressing joke, Why shouldn't you look at a cup of ranch?

If you're wearing a cowboy outfit...

Does that mean you're ranch dressing?

If you dress in cowboy clothes does that mean you're ranch dressing?

What do you call a cowboy getting ready for work?

Ranch dressing.

My son in kindergarten had a party a short while ago where we had to dress up as food.....

Everyone was supposed to dress up as a food and parents were also encouraged to come and dress up.

So I decided to go with my son and I put on my cowboy outfit and I went.

There as i was going in a teacher said "Sir, your supposed to be dressed up as a food"

And so I said, " I am. I'm ranch dressing"

Ranch Dressing joke, My son in kindergarten had a party a short while ago where we had to dress up as food.....

Why did the bottle of ranch scream when the fridge door opened?

He was dressing.

Why did the ranch scream when someone saw it?

Because it was dressing

(Just made it up a minute ago. don't hate it isn't very good.)

What did the ranch say when the fridge door was opened?


What salad dressing does Macaulay Culkin prefer?

Neverland Ranch.

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If you wear cowboy clothes...

are you ranch dressing?

Jared's favorite dressing on his Subway sandwich is Neverland Ranch.

I'm sorry.

At my graduation, my friend called me a ranch

Because I be dressing 😏

What is a cowboy's favorite salad dressing?

If you answered "Ranch", you are was a trick question.

Cowboys don't eat salad.

What do you call ranch dressing that has gone bad?


Ranch Dressing joke, What do you call ranch dressing that has gone bad?

If you dress like a cowboy you are technically ranch dressing.

What do Ranch and Men have in common that women don't?...

They don't take forever to get dressed

(Corny. Kek I'll leave)

Why was he woman arrested on a cattle ranch for wearing a silk dress?

She was charged with rustling!

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