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  1. And the lord said 'take this all of you and eat it, this is my body which will be given up for you" and Gordon Ramsay replied bland, dry, and tasteless."
  2. What did one doughnut say to the other... look a little glazed
  3. My wife doesn't realize I'm not complimenting her cooking When I say "you remind me of Gordon Ramsay"
  4. Gordon Ramsay screamed at me that I didn't know the first thing about seasoning But I took it with a pinch of sugar
  5. Was just watching the Great British Baking Show The entire series feels like an apology for sending us Gordon Ramsay.
  6. Gordon Ramsay rejected all the photos taken to showcase his latest menu ... ... they were formatted RAW
  7. How does Gordon Ramsay know that his steak is undercooked? The Hindus are still worshipping it.
  8. Why did Theon Greyjoy become Reek as Ramsay Bolton's hostage? He was suffering from Starkhome syndrome
  9. Who is Gordon Ramsay's favorite American Country Music artist? It's Tim McFOOKINGRAW!!!
  10. What's Gordan Ramsay's favourite movie? Frozen.
Ramsay joke, What's Gordan Ramsay's favourite movie?

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Ramsay One Liners

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  1. What movie does Gordon Ramsay hate? Frozen
  2. How did Chef Gordon Ramsay lose 100 pounds in under a month? He started a swear jar.
  3. What image format does Gordon Ramsay hates the most? .raw
  4. Did you hear Gordon Ramsay wrote a book about herbs? It's about thyme!
  5. The only reason why Gordon Ramsay watches Smackdown... Is because it's not Raw.
  6. Which disney movie does gordon ramsay hate the most? Frozen.
  7. What's Gordon Ramsay's favorite band? Rage Against the Cuisine
  8. What do you call a prison guard who is very particular about his food? Warden Ramsay
  9. Gordon Ramsay The only guy who tells girls to get out of the kitchen
  10. What is Gordon Ramsay's least favorite movie? Frozen
  11. What's Gordon Ramsay's least favorite movie? IT'S FROOOOOOOZZZZEEEN
  12. What is Gordon Ramsay's favorite deity? IT'S RA!!!!!
  13. What's Ramsay Bolton's least favorite song? Who let the dogs out?
  14. What is Ramsay Bolton's favorite band? Cold Flay
  15. Why doesn't Gordon Ramsay like the WWE? Because part of it is RAW

Gordon Ramsay Jokes

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  • Gordon Ramsay went to a failing restaurant and ordered a glass of water... "IT'S DRY!" he yelled and threw the water back at the lazy chef.
  • Right, today we are going to make the best cereal and milk Gordon Ramsay:
    #Olive oil, *I N*
  • So Gordon Ramsay's having another kid... Thought he didn't like it raw...
  • Watching Gordon Ramsay cooking videos My mind keep telling his name is Gordon Freeman.
    Like I can't differentiate a spatula and a crowbar.
  • How does Gordon Ramsay like his woman? Raw! Raw raw Raaaaaaaaaawwwwww!
  • If Gordon Ramsay went to WWE... He will not show up on RAW.
  • What did Usain Bolt ask Gordon Ramsay? What Jamaican?
  • Why is Gordon Ramsay so angry? Because he's got a women's job
  • Why does Gordon Ramsay hate WWE? Because it's RAW
  • Gordon Ramsay and Shrek would be good friends. They both hate donkeys.
Ramsay joke, Gordon Ramsay and Shrek would be good friends.

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Gordon Ramsay walks into a bar...

... and asks for a glass of water with ice. Once his drink is served, he looks at the bartender and asks: "What did you use to make the ice cubes?"
Bartender: "Water."
Ramsay: "Fresh?"
Bartender: "No, frozen."
Ramsay: "Oh for f**...'s sake."

I have a feeling Gordon Ramsay likes to wear condoms when he has s**...

Because he doesn't like it raw.

Crossword clue: F**k, used by Gordon Ramsay a lot more than the average person


Gordon Ramsay goes to a restaurant.

He comes across what looks like soup.
Let me taste the soup!
No buts!
He tasted the soup.
It is dishwasher water, but you didn't listen.

Mrs Rosenfeld is suing Mr Ramsay for calling her a pig

Mr Ramsay asks the judge: "is it i**... for me to call Mrs Rosenfeld a pig?"
The judge replies: "yes, of course it's i**...."
Mr Ramsay asks again: "ok, but am I allowed to call a pig 'Mrs Rosenfeld' your honor?"
The judge says: "well yeah, there is no law against that."
Mr then goes to Mrs Rosenfeld and says: "Hi Mrs Rosenfeld!".

How does Gordon Ramsay like his s**...?

Not sure, but definitely not RAW

Why does Gordon Ramsay always wear a c**...?

Because he never likes it raw

Ramsay joke, Why doesn't Gordon Ramsay like the WWE?

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