Ramsay Jokes

What are some Ramsay jokes?

Gordon Ramsay walks into a bar...

... and asks for a glass of water with ice. Once his drink is served, he looks at the bartender and asks: "What did you use to make the ice cubes?"

Bartender: "Water."

Ramsay: "Fresh?"

Bartender: "No, frozen."

Ramsay: "Oh for fuck's sake."

What movie does Gordon Ramsay hate?


How did Chef Gordon Ramsay lose 100 pounds in under a month?

He started a swear jar.

What image format does Gordon Ramsay hates the most?


And the lord said 'take this all of you and eat it, this is my body which will be given up for you"

and Gordon Ramsay replied bland, dry, and tasteless."

The only reason why Gordon Ramsay watches Smackdown...

Is because it's not Raw.

Gordon Ramsay

The only guy who tells girls to get out of the kitchen

Gordon Ramsay screamed at me that I didn't know the first thing about seasoning

But I took it with a pinch of sugar

I have a feeling Gordon Ramsay likes to wear condoms when he has sex

Because he doesn't like it raw.

Crossword clue: F**k, used by Gordon Ramsay a lot more than the average person


Gordon Ramsay rejected all the photos taken to showcase his latest menu ...

... they were formatted RAW

What's Ramsay Bolton's least favorite song?

Who let the dogs out?

What is Ramsay Bolton's favorite band?

Cold Flay

Mrs Rosenfeld is suing Mr Ramsay for calling her a pig

Mr Ramsay asks the judge: "is it illegal for me to call Mrs Rosenfeld a pig?"

The judge replies: "yes, of course it's illegal."

Mr Ramsay asks again: "ok, but am I allowed to call a pig 'Mrs Rosenfeld' your honor?"

The judge says: "well yeah, there is no law against that."

Mr then goes to Mrs Rosenfeld and says: "Hi Mrs Rosenfeld!".

Why did Theon Greyjoy become Reek as Ramsay Bolton's hostage?

He was suffering from Starkhome syndrome

How does Gordon Ramsay like his sex?

Not sure, but definitely not RAW

Which pumpkin is the best cook?

Gourdon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay on Kitchen Nightmares is kind of like a prostitute....

A major part of his job involves putting all sorts of awful and nasty things in his mouth!

Why does Gordon Ramsay always wear a condom?

Because he never likes it raw

How does Gordon Ramsay know that his steak is undercooked?

The Hindus are still worshipping it.

Why doesn't Gordon Ramsay like the WWE?

Because part of it is RAW

There's now way ramsay has children

He never does it raw.

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