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Super Bowl Halftime

At halftime it's Maroon 5 Patriots 3 Rams 0

A Michael Sam joke

After being drafted by the St. Louis Rams, Michael Sam celebrated by kissing his boyfriend. This is historic because it's the first time anyone has celebrated being drafted by the St. Louis Rams. - Conan O'brien

Football joke

How do you keep the St. Louis Rams off of your lawn?

Paint an endzone on it.

It's a great time to date a Rams fan..

They are used to disappointment and aren't expecting a ring.

How do you get a Rams fan to stop beating his wife?

Put her in a Patriots jersey

Where does steel wool come from?

Dodge Rams.

A group of sheep walk into a buffet.

The waiter approaches the group and says, "the ladies can eat, but the men will only be able to order drinks".

"Baaa... care to explain yourself?" asks one of the rams

"I'm sorry Sir, but as the sign stated on the door, this is an all ewe can eat buffet".

A mute guy goes to a doctor and writes on his notepad "I'm a mute and I wish to speak." The doctor says he can help the guy out...

The doctor instructs the mute guy to drop his pants and stand facing the corner of the room. As the mute does so, he watches the doctor take a long pole out of the closet and attach a guisarme-like blade to the end.
The doctor charges at the guy and rams the pole straight up his ass. The mute cries out "AAAAAaaaaaaAAAAAaaaAAAA!!!!"
And the doctor says "Good. Come back tomorrow, we'll work on 'B.'"

Was nice to see the Rams and Patriots

make it to the Maroon 5 concert last night

What's the difference between a dollar and the Los Angeles Rams?

A dollar is good for 4 quarters.

Did you know that the Super Bowl was just on??

Apparently, neither did the
Los Angeles Rams.

I guess the Rams ended the Super Bowl the way they ended the season.


Where does steel wool come from?

Hydraulic rams.

What's Ramsay Bolton's least favorite song?

Who let the dogs out?

What is Ramsay Bolton's favorite band?

Cold Flay

Superman is flying over the city, looking for a crime to fight...

when all of a sudden, he sees Wonder Woman lying on a rooftop with her legs spread wide open, her coochie aimed up at the sky. Taking this as an obvious come-on, he pulls down his tights, flies down and rams the hell out of her, and then flies away without saying a word.

The next day Spiderman walks up to Superman and says, "Not sure what happened yesterday, but the Invisible Man is looking for, and he sure is mad."

Professor San Holo

Prof San Holo was busy at his lab. He was experimenting with splicing genetic material from rams into eggs of bees. With global warming, certain species of flowering plants flourish while others perish. The idea was to give bees the ability to digest leaves and grass to make honey and thereby reduce the need to be reliant on nectar and pollen from flowers.

The first splicing was a disaster. The bee digestive system became dysfunctional.

The second attempt disrupted the honey production with lactose contaminant.

The bee grew tiny horns in the third!

He then tried DNA from a sheep and Eureka! Yes indeed. It worked because he
Made the Fourth Bee with Ewe.

There's now way ramsay has children

He never does it raw.

This Man Sam is Not a Ram

Sam got rammed
by **LA Rams**
although he proved
that he could **jam**
he talked no trash
he sent no **spam**
he even got
3 qb **slams**
his proved his chance
was just a **sham**
should have stayed in bed,
not caused **bedlam**
a man is sam
not a **madam**
and not a Ram
is this man **Sam**

What's the #1 horror movie in the far east ?

The Sirens of the Rams.

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