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Horrors of poverty

I've been around, you know. I've seen some of the poorest slums where children are starving and disease is rampant. Let me tell you, you've not seen anything, *anything* like it, until you've seen it in high-definition plasma!

When I was in middle school, my "friends" used to force me to eat vegetables until I almost threw up.

They even started sending me pictures of vegetables on the internet, threatening to make me eat lettuce until I was sick. To this day, I still suffer from the effects of their rampant and traumatic fiber-bullying.

Mime on mime violence is rampant.

But you just never hear about it.

Rampant joke, Mime on mime violence is rampant.

So there's this french murder running rampant around town.

One of his victims said "Mercy!" The french guy just said "you're welcome" and shot him

What do you call rampant inflation in a prison's microenconomy?

A soap bubble

What do widespread and rampant voter fraud and quantum states have in common?

They disappear when you try to measure them.

9/10 doctors agree....

That depression is rampant in doctors. The 10th one killed himself.

Rampant joke, 9/10 doctors agree....

Mr. Alligator was 45, single, and a rampant alcoholic.

He had hit croc-bottom.

My wife bought herself a rampant rabbit

I wouldnt say its here favourite sex toy..

But its up there.

What disease is running rampant in the Catholic Church?

Porkin' sons.

Feline Frustrations.

The New York Times recently released a story about the rampant feline abuse that happens at veterinary offices.

Apparently, the cats are starting the #meowtoo movement.

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Surveillance paranoia is rampant

I overheard an accusation that "This fly is bugging me"

-- Source: Some fly I met the other day

Do you ever worry about how rampant drugs are in the horse community?

Whenever someone mentions a horse it's always high.

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