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What only lasts 40 seconds for men and leaves them hot and sweaty?

A bowl of Ramen Noodles

Did you hear about the Ramen warehouse that burned down?

Dozens of dollars worth of Ramen was lost.

Alphabet soup...?

More like times new ramen..

Ramen joke, Alphabet soup...?

Did you guys hear about the ramen noodles without flavor packets?

You can't buy them anymore though, they ran out of stock.

What's the difference between a woman and a bowl of ramen noodles?

A bowl of ramen noodles is actually ready in 5 minutes.

The font for alphabet soup

Is times new ramen.

If you mix taco bell sauce into your ramen..

It tastes exactly like poverty.

Ramen joke, If you mix taco bell sauce into your ramen..

What goes great with Alphabet Soup?

Times New Ramen

How do you end a prayer to the Noodle God?


Church of Frugality

Church of Frugality:

"Thank you for the food which we are about to receive. Ramen."

What is Asia's favourite sitcom?

Everybody loves Ramen.

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What does a noodle say after praying?


What do cannibals put in their soup?



Before you judge harshly, I would like to state that this was invented by a six year old, all on his own, no coaching.

There might be plenty of good food choices in College..

.. but you can't Top Ramen

Contest Emcee: Congratulations! You just won a lifetime supply of Ramen Noodles!

Me: Can I just take the $20 instead?

What does the Japanese Jesus say after praying?


Ramen joke, What does the Japanese Jesus say after praying?

Do you want some Raymond?

Guy 1 - do you want some Raymond?
Guy 2- do you mean ramen?
Guy 1- no, Raymond! Everybody loves Raymond!

I like my women like I like my ramen noodles

Hot, cheap, and Asian

What does pasta say when it's done praying?


What Did the Giant Say to His Enemy When He Served Him Ramen at a Vietnamese Restaurant?

Fee Fi Fo Fum, Faux Pho For Foe

A guy was checking out at a supermarket with an attractive young clerk.

She scanned the frozen dinners, the beer, the ramen noodles and kept giving him eyes in between each scan.

As she scanned the condoms she looks and him and says, "Single huh?"

He replies, "yea, how'd you know?"

She says, "Because you're ugly."

Where does asian food go to fight to the death?

The Ramen Colosseum.

What's an Asian cannibal's favorite food?


Did you hear that Eminem was opening a noodle restaurant in Tokyo?

He *is* very good at ramen.

A monk walks up to a ramen stand and says:

A monk walks up to a ramen stand and says: 'make me one with everything'


- Scooby Doo finishing a prayer.

What font do Japanese people use

Times new ramen

If I get more money, I'll start eating less ramen.

And if I get less money, I'll also start eating less ramen.

If you're Christian and poor you can end grace by saying the name of the food you're about to eat.


I'm so broke, I went to check my account balance at the ATM...

And it printed me out a coupon for Ramen Noodles

Dear Lord, thank you for these noodles


I've paid $.25 for a bag of Top Ramen since I was in college

Either they don't raise their prices for inflation or I've been getting ripped off the past 20 years...

What kind of soup do computers eat?


You've heard of alphabet soup. Now get ready for

Times new ramen

Who are the most popular Japanese guys?


A cannibal wanted some sushi

So he bought a pack of ra-men

You all heard of alphabet soup! Prepare yourself for...

Times New Ramen

What do college students say after praying?


You've heard of alphabet soup

But have you heard of.. Times New Ramen?

What do you call Chinese alphabet soup?

Times New Ramen.

Back in the early 1900s Japanese cops always had a mustache

One day a Japanese man walks into a restaurant and asks the waiter for a free bowl of ramen because he is a cop. The waiter replied " you dont have a mustache so how do i know id you are a real cop...". The man quickly pulls down his pants and undys, points to his bush and says "im undercover"

How do noodles end their prayers?


What did God say after he created the Japanese?


TIL ramen is fully cooked before packaging

Otherwise it would be called rawmen

I put some instant ramen on my grandma today...

I call it Instagram.

Yoda was watching the NBA draft while eating some badly prepared noodles. When Marvin Bagley was drafted he exclaimed...

Suck Ramen Too!

Alcohol and Ramen

Alcohol and ramen are surprisingly similar. Both are widely available at college, both are consumed daily there, and both will slowly kill you from the inside.

I finally found out what font they use for alphabet soup...

Times New Ramen.

Why don't Japanese cannibals cook their food?

Because they prefer ramen.

I just checked my account balance at the ATM

It printed me a coupon for ramen noodles

What font does alphabet soup use?

Times New Ramen.

*Credit for this goes to Kim Komando. I heard it on the radio earlier today.*

My friend just told me he's got these little lightsaber chopsticks he uses when he eats ramen.

I told him he should use the forks.

What do noodles say when they finish praying?


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