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Not to brag, but I consider myself as a mix between Rambo and Einstein...

...I have Rambo's intelligence and Einstein's muscles.


Old, Russian

An old one...

Rambo Retard, the American, and Boris Bog, the Russian, are sitting in MacDonald's hamburger restaurant in Santa Fe, discussing communism.

"In America we have such freedom," claims Rambo Retard, stuffing his mouth with a cheeseburger. "For example, any man who wants to can walk right up to the steps of the White House and call President Bush an asshole!"

"Ah!" retorts Boris, the Russian. "We have equal freedom in Russia. Any man who wants to can walk right up to the steps of the Kremlin and call President Bush an asshole, too!"


What does Rambo do when he needs to contact someone?

He shoots them.... an email


Ever get high off of watching Rambo?

I got really Stalloned the other night.


What is it called when Rambo won't answer your phone calls?

He's an incommunicado commando


What did Rambo say when his wife left him

I'm Stallone-ly


what do you call a mexican rambo

juan-man army


what's a vietnam vet Judy Garland favourite song?

somewhere over the rambo.

Made this joke last night, English is my third language, so be kind :)


Rambo V will apparently only feature Swiss Army Knives

I don't know why, but the logo will be a big plus.


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