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This article will provide readers with a collection of entertaining and insightful Ramadan jokes. With Ramadan 2023 fast approaching, these jokes are sure to bring a smile to the faces of Sunni, Shia, and non-Muslim readers alike. These jokes range from humorous observations about fasting and the date of Ramadan to jests about Islamic clerics.

Fun-Filled Ramadan Jokes to Make You and Your Friends Chuckle & Giggle

Do you only eat Mcdonalds during Ramadan?

-No why?

Because its fast food.

Why are there no Muslim Eskimos?

Because when Ramadan comes during the Summer Solstice they all starve to death.

Two individuals decide to spend Ramadan together...

They were fast friends!

I cannot wait for my date tonight.

Dates really are the best part of ramadan

jokes about ramadan

How did Ramadan go?

It went by pretty FAST!

Why was the Muslim arrested for speeding during Ramadan?

Because he was going *to fast*!

If a muslim is out driving on ramadan...

... and a deer steps out in the road, should he break fast or avoid it?

Ramadan joke, If a muslim is out driving on ramadan...

Ramadan is over. I guess you can say it's...



Putting the slim in Muslim.

There's a new movie about violence during the Ramadan

It's called the Fast and the Furious

What does Sonic say during Ramadan?

Gotta go fast

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How do you d**... a Muslim girl?

You Ramadan her t**....

Happy Ramadan to all my Muslim brothers and sisters!

This month, lunch is on me.

What do you call the celebration that comes the day after Ramadan?


What do Muslim gamers say at the start of Ramadan?

"Gotta go fast!"

You know what they say about Ramadan

It goes by *fast*

Ramadan joke, You know what they say about Ramadan

What type of w**... are you allowed to smoke during Ramadan?


Why do Muslim couples always break up before Ramadan?

Because they're going to fast.

What do you call an angry Muslim in Ramadan?

Fastin' Furious

Happy Ramadan to all my Muslim friends!

This month, lunch is on me.

I am going to have a date every night for a month!

It's Ramadan

During Ramadan, Sonic the Hedgehog is a Muslim

Because he's gotta go fast.

I asked a man in a turban why he wasn't fasting

He told me you don't have to fast for Ramadan if you are Sikh.

We just had an end of Ramadan party

It was a blast

Why did the Muslim run over the pedestrians during Ramadan?

He couldn't brake fast

What do you call the end of Ramadan?


Ramadan joke, What do you call the end of Ramadan?

When is the best time for Muslims to run a race?

Ramadan. They fast during Ramadan.

Why couldn't the police catch Muslims during Ramadan?

They were going to fast.

What do Muslims eat during Ramadan?

What do Muslims eat during Ramadan?

Fast food

Why are there no Finnish Muslims?

All of them died out one year when Ramadan was in December

Muslim countries would do so well if the Olympic were during ramadan.

Because they really fast

What are some Muslims waiting for in Ramadan?


Why there is no musilms in Iceland ?

They all starved to death during Ramadan because the sun never sets.

Why do Muslims have super speed?

Because they fast.

Sidenote: Have a blessed Ramadan!

The correct term for Islamic people is Mufats.

Only after Ramadan can they be referred to as Muslims.

When's the best time of year for a cheap date?


Its Ramadan

Now I have a religious reason to be broke and starving

it's the month of Ramadan right now ...

and I'm having at least two dates every night

When's the best time for a dinner date?


What is Ramadan good for?

To get Mu-slim.

What is Sonic's favorite holiday?


What did Sonic the Hedgehog say during Ramadan?

Got to go fast!

I'm done with Ramadan!

Other muslims are still fasting, but I was faster.

Eid Mubarak!

Did you know that people who celebrate Ramadan can still have McDonalds?

Really - that's because it's fastfood

What does Muslim sonic say when Ramadan begins.

Gotta go fast!

It's the Month of Ramadan and we had remaining dates from last year but we can't use them this year.

They're Outdated.

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