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Funniest Rainforest Short Jokes

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  1. I think the Rainforest Cafe takes the whole rainforest theme too far. This one time I was sitting there eating my chicken tenders and they bulldozed 40% of the restaurant.
  2. Why don't they sell aspirin in the rainforest? Because it would be economically unsound to attempt to establish a pharmaceutical distribution network in such a sparsely populated area
  3. Scientists claims that 85% of rainforests will be gone by 2025 but if we worked really hard, we can do it by the end of 2017
  4. I got a new SUV. My hippie friend says to me, "What about the Rainforests? What about the glaciers?" .. I'm like "Man, it's got 4 wheel drive... We can go anywhere you want!"
    -Michael Palascak
  5. The rainforest cafe is getting to realistic I was just sitting there enjoying my chicken tenders when a bulldozer destroyed 30% of the cafe
  6. Why don't they sell aspirin in the rainforest? Because it would be economically unviable to market a pharmaceutical in such a vastly unpopulated area.
  7. I feel that Disney is taking the "Rainforest Cafe" theme a bit to seriously I was just sitting there eating when they bulldozed half of the place down.
  8. For the nursery, my wife and I went for a rainforest theme. I hope our little guy likes the sound of chainsaws.
  9. Bought the 'Sounds of the Rainforest cd, not as relaxing as I hoped. The 1st half was birds chirping, rest was chainsaws and bulldozers.
  10. What did the climate change journalist say to their boss when they couldn't find anyone to interview in the rainforest? I'm sorry sir, but there are scant tree-sources out here.

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Rainforest One Liners

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  1. What do you call a jungle where animals talk about current events? A topical rainforest.
  2. I got lost in the rainforest and I needed supplies So I ordered from Amazon!
  3. Why can't you get hold of painkillers in the rainforest? Because the paracetamol.
  4. Why is Amazon a rainforest? Because it has all the clouds.
    Lame tech joke, sorry!!
  5. Santa IS real... His name is Jeff Bezos and he lives in the rainforest
  6. Why isn't their any Tylenol in the the rainforest? The parrots eat em all.
  7. 56% of Brazil is Covered In Rainforest The rest is covered by Manuel Neuer
  8. Why are there no Aspirins in the rainforest? Because the Paracetamol! :)

Rainforest Animal Jokes

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  • What do all the Rainforest Animals say when the Jaguar finishes their shower? They can't say anything, as the Jaguar is totally spotless.
Rainforest joke, What do all the Rainforest Animals say when the Jaguar finishes their shower?

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A tourist was lost, wandering in the rainforest, when suddenly...

...he runs into some tribal warriors. In an attempt to scare them off, he decides to frighten them with his modern technology.
He whips out the bic lighter in his pocket and flicks it in.
"Wow!" Said one warrior to another. "I've never seen one of those light in the first try!"

A Tree Falls In A Rainforest And Nobody Notices But Me

"Ha ha ha! My i**... tree cutting business is working!"

We all can do better to help save the planet

With this in mind, i've just published a book on preserving the rainforest, and what we can do as a human race to help protect it.
Its over 2000 pages long.

A particular species of frog, found in South American rainforests, has been observed to leap higher than a 1 story house.

This is due to the extremely powerful hind legs of the frog, and the fact that houses cannot leap.

Two explorers take a flight to one of the yet unexplored parts of the South American rainforests.

They enter the thicket but quickly get lost. After walking for many hours, without food at water, they finally spot a native inhabitant of one of the forests tribes. They quickly shout and make wild gestures until he notices them. After they slowly approach him, one of the explorers asks: You native man, have you see big godly silver hawk? For a few seconds, the native looks at them confused and then says: Not quite, ..but earlier this morning I saw a Boeing 737 at the aerodrome.

A couple of German jokes...

Two men are sitting in a pub.
One man turns to the other and says: 'Last night I saw lots of
strange men coming in and out of your wife's house.' The other man replies:
'Yes, she has become a p**... to subsidise her drug habit.'
Why are there no aspirin in the jungle?
Because it would not be financially viable to attempt to sell pharmaceuticals in the largely unpopulated rainforest.

When I told my friend I was getting a jeep he was hating on it saying s**... like "What about the glaciers and the rainforests?"

I was like "Bro, this thing has 4WD Low Range and diff locks, it'll handle that s**... easily"

Rainforest joke, When I told my friend I was getting a <a href="/jeep-jokes.html" title="Jeep jokes">jeep</a> he was