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A blond and a redhead

(sorry if this is a repost or anything, just a funny joke I remember hearing a while back)

A blond notices a redhead doing jumping jacks beside a railroad track. For a while, the blond watches and notices the redhead keeps repeating the number 88 after each jumping jack. Shrugging this off, the blond decides to join the redhead and starts doing jumping jacks next to her. After a while a train comes by and hits the blond. The redhead stops and looks to where the blond was just standing, then starts her jumping jacks again. "89, 89, 89...."


So a brunette is walking back and forth across railroad tracks...

...and ever time she crosses she says, "42! 42! 42!"

A blonde happens upon her and is perplexed by what she is seeing. After watching her a while, the blonde determines that it looks like fun, and joins the brunette on the tracks saying, "42! 42! 42!"

Soon the Five O'clock Express comes rumbling down the line. The brunette jumps off the tracks and the train hits the blonde.

The brunette patiently waits for the train to pass, but once it does she starts crossing the tracks again saying, "43! 43! 43!"


Q: What do blondes and railroad tracks have in common?
A: They've both been laid all over America.


A brunette is jumping on railroad tracks...

Saying 65, 65, 65

A blonde goes up to her and asks her what she's doing. She replies Jumping on these tracks and counting, want to join me?

She agrees, and follows the brunette in jumping and saying 65.

A train comes by, and the brunette jumps out of the way at the last second, the blonde dies.

The brunette goes back to jumping and saying 66, 66, 66


A blonde walks to some railroad tracks.

When she gets there she sees a brunette jumping on and off the tracks. The brunette is jumping on and saying, "42," then jumping back off.

The blonde walks up to the brunette and asks her what she is doing. The brunette just keeps jumping and saying "42."

The blonde watches for a few seconds and she decides to give it a try, now the brunette and blonde are both jumping and saying "42."

A train starts coming down the tracks, the brunette walks away, the blonde keeps jumping and saying "42."

The train comes and the blonde goes splat.

Once the train passes the brunette goes back to the tracks and starts jumping on and off of them saying "43."


Two blondes are walking down the railroad tracks.

"Man, all these stairs are killing me," said one.

The other replies, "Forget the stairs, it's these darned low handrails."


Two blondes were walking down the railroad tracks.

The first blonde said "man, these steps are killing me!" The second one said "it's not the steps that are killing me, it's these low hand rails!"


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