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Best Short Raid Jokes

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  1. A baby roach asks his dad what happens if they get sprayed with Raid. Papa Roach said, Suffocation, no breathing.
  2. The FBI are raiding an alleged spy's apartment, when they discover a hard drive labelled KGB . One of the agents holds it up with a look of confusion and says, why wouldn't he just write 1 TB?
  3. Knock Knock Who's there?


    Lettuce who?

    Lettuce pause this joke for a word from our sponsor, Raid shadow Legends
  4. Baby Roach: "Papa, what happens if the humans spray us with Raid?" Papa Roach: "Suffocation. No breathing."
  5. The police raided the kitchen of a restaurant where the chef was preparing Eggs Benedict He was arrested for poaching.
  6. The FBI raided Hillary Clinton's campaign headquarters She needed them to get in quick and destroy all the evidence.
  7. I didn't want to believe that my uncle had been stealing from the roads and traffic department ... ... but when the police raided his apartment, all the signs were there.
  8. How many YouTubers does it take to change a lightbulb? Calm down, I'll tell you. But first, a word from our sponsor, Raid: Shadow Legends!
  9. I heard this story about a Papa Roach and a Mama Roach... the Mama Roach says, "What happens if you get sprayed with the Raid Roach Spray?" SUFFOCATION.
  10. "What you're looking for is already inside you" - I said to myself while raiding the fridge at midnight...
Raid joke, "What you're looking for is already inside you"

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Raid One Liners

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  1. What's a Viking's favourite social media? Raid-it
  2. A thief was caught raiding a cemetery by the security He made a grave mistake
  3. Why did CIA raid the igloos? Because they dont like snow dens
  4. The cops raided our house and set off my epilepsy... Talk about a search and seizure
  5. What do you call it when a reptile robs a drinks shop? A gator raid
  6. Police raided a tautology club. They found a fatally murdered body of a dead corpse.
  7. Did hear about the thief that decided to raid the theatre? He sure stole the spotlight.
  8. Why do political yes-men use so much Raid? Because they're sycophants!
  9. What's it called when you attack a Cockroach nest? A Raid
  10. What do you call a crocodile when it robs drinks? Gator-raid.
  11. I went to Egypt and raided a tomb. Now I have a lot of cryptocurrency.
  12. A fat kid had his lvl 100 gaming account raided and deleted. It was quite un-4chan-ate.
  13. Mexicans cats are attacking my home! Looks like a "Gato raid"
  14. How do the police raid a concert? With a Sting operation!
  15. The police just raided the North Pole! I heard they had probable Claus

Raid Shadow Legends Jokes

Here is a list of funny raid shadow legends jokes and even better raid shadow legends puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • What does Jesus use to protect his computer? Lord vpn
    This joke is sponsored by raid shadow legends

Wow Raid Jokes

Here is a list of funny wow raid jokes and even better wow raid puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • Why does Kylo Ren decline all my raid invites in WoW? Cause he been solo.
Raid joke, Why does Kylo Ren decline all my raid invites in WoW?

Laughter Raid Jokes for Everyone for Fun and Frivolity

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Past& Sees Her.

Susie is a p**... who doesn't want her gran to know. One day Police raid the brothel & line up the girls outside.The gran walks past& sees her.Quick thinking Susie tells her its a queue for free oranges, so her gran joins the queue. When the Police get to gran, they're surprised& ask her 'how do u do it at your age?'she replies ,I take my teeth out, peel back the skin& s**... 'em until they're dry.

The wife's weight gain, through overeating and laziness, had become the final straw in an already strained relationship and I decided I would just have to kill her.

I hid in the kitchen, knowing it wouldn't be long before she turned up looking to raid the fridge. And sure enough, she soon came waddling in.
I leapt out from behind a cupboard, arm raised, brandishing a huge knife..
"OH MY GOD!!" She screamed at the top of her lungs. "Are we having cake?"

Whats the difference between Capitol and Area 51 raid?

People were not s**... enough to actually go inside of Area 51.

A man gets woken up by intruders in his house.

He phones the police and says "There's people robbing my house, please send help".
They dispatcher says there's no cars or police available.
The man hangs up and phones back 2 minutes later.
"I just shot the guys. They're both here with bullets in them"
2 minutes later, police cars, helicopters, armed forces, counter-t**... police turn up and raid the house, catching the burglars in the act.
The police looked confused and asked "You said you shot them!"
The man replied "You said there were no police available."

Williams College and Amherst College have a long-standing rivalry.

One night, the Amherst students decide to raid the Williams football field and spray paint an A for Amherst s**... dab in the middle of the field. They sneak out under the cover of the dark, and when the Williams students wake up the next morning, they see the massive A on their field. Naturally, they decide to get Amherst back for their hijinks by leaving their own mark on the Amherst field.
The next morning, the Amherst students wake up to an average-sized B+ on their field.

5 WoW related jokes

Yo mama so fat chain lightning hit her twice.
Yo mama so fat, when she logged in for first time she got the World Explorer achievement.
Yo mama so fat, she caused the Cataclysm by running to a buffet sale.
Yo mama so fat, she's immune to Death Knight's Death Grip.
Yo mama's so fat, it takes a 10 man raid of warlocks to summon her.

You've gotta be prepared these days, so I've bought myself an air raid shelter for the back yard.

I've requested it comes with sound proofing, doors that lock from the inside and enough supplies to last for a week.
It should be ready in time for my wife's next period.

Once there was a raid at the club. Intel was that there was black money in the club

A officer, during the raid found the money. He went to the supervisor and told him-
"Sir, we have found the money! It's 5 million dollars, cash!"
"What's that officer? You say there's 2 million dollars found in raid?"
"That's right sir! We have found a million dollars of cash here!! "

Yo mama so s**...

She sprayed Raid on The Beatles

What's the most efficient type of weedeater?

A s**... in a police raid.

An officer gets shot in a m**... raid...

What did the Pink Panther say after he sprayed raid on an anthill?

*Dead ant. Dead ant. Dead ant, dead ant, dead ant.*

I was surprised when a bunch of pirates decided to raid the eyeball of a woman called Phoebe Holder.

But I've realised that b**... is in the eye of Phoebe Holder.

Raid joke, I was surprised when a bunch of pirates decided to raid the eyeball of a woman called Phoebe Holder.

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