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A baby roach asks his dad what happens if they get sprayed with Raid.

Papa Roach said, Suffocation, no breathing.

Knock Knock

Who's there?


Lettuce who?

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A beautiful young lady works in a brothel [NSFW]

But she would never tell her family or friends about it.

One night during a police raid, all the girls need to get in line outside the brothel.

And while in line, the grandmother of the young lady walks by: "Julie, what are you doing here in the middle of the night?" "Well grandmother, at the front the line they give away free oranges!"
"Free oranges! I'll better get me some." And the grandmother steps in line.

Meanwhile the line gets processed and every girl gets interrogated.
When the cop comes at the end of the line his eyes widen: "What? You? At your age? What are you doing here?"

"Ah it's no problem, I just take it my teeth and suck them dry!"

Raid joke, A beautiful young lady works in a brothel [NSFW]

Past& Sees Her.

Susie is a prostitute who doesn't want her gran to know. One day Police raid the brothel & line up the girls outside.The gran walks past& sees her.Quick thinking Susie tells her its a queue for free oranges, so her gran joins the queue. When the Police get to gran, they're surprised& ask her 'how do u do it at your age?'she replies ,I take my teeth out, peel back the skin& suck 'em until they're dry.

Baby Roach: "Papa, what happens if the humans spray us with Raid?"

Papa Roach: "Suffocation. No breathing."

Whats the difference between Capitol and Area 51 raid?

People were not stupid enough to actually go inside of Area 51.

Why did CIA raid the igloos?

Because they dont like snow dens

Raid joke, Why did CIA raid the igloos?

Did hear about the thief that decided to raid the theatre?

He sure stole the spotlight.

5 WoW related jokes

Yo mama so fat chain lightning hit her twice.
Yo mama so fat, when she logged in for first time she got the World Explorer achievement.
Yo mama so fat, she caused the Cataclysm by running to a buffet sale.
Yo mama so fat, she's immune to Death Knight's Death Grip.
Yo mama's so fat, it takes a 10 man raid of warlocks to summon her.

You've gotta be prepared these days, so I've bought myself an air raid shelter for the back yard.

I've requested it comes with sound proofing, doors that lock from the inside and enough supplies to last for a week.

It should be ready in time for my wife's next period.

Once there was a raid at the club. Intel was that there was black money in the club

A officer, during the raid found the money. He went to the supervisor and told him-

"Sir, we have found the money! It's 5 million dollars, cash!"

"What's that officer? You say there's 2 million dollars found in raid?"

"That's right sir! We have found a million dollars of cash here!! "

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Yo mama so stupid

She sprayed Raid on The Beatles

What's the most efficient type of weedeater?

A stoner in a police raid.

Why do political yes-men use so much Raid?

Because they're sycophants!

An officer gets shot in a marijuana raid...

What did the Pink Panther say after he sprayed raid on an anthill?

*Dead ant. Dead ant. Dead ant, dead ant, dead ant.*

Raid joke, What did the Pink Panther say after he sprayed raid on an anthill?

What does Jesus use to protect his computer?

Lord vpn

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I was surprised when a bunch of pirates decided to raid the eyeball of a woman called Phoebe Holder.

But I've realised that booty is in the eye of Phoebe Holder.

If Americans raid Area 51, then Europeans should try for Vatican.

Americans will get the aliens, others will get the predators.

The Raiders are moving to Las Vegas

Most Oakland fans won't even be able to go to games now due to parole stipulations...

The police tried to raid a food smuggling operation today.

Unfortunately, they only managed to Caesar salad.

Mexicans cats are attacking my home!

Looks like a "Gato raid"

How do the police raid a concert?

With a Sting operation!

Pirate Goes Up To His Captain As They're About To Raid A Ship

The pirate says, "The cannons be ready, Cap'n!"

The Captain says, "*Are.*"

Before every raid, members of the CDC task force for eradicating contaminated romaine join hands and say

Lettuce prey

What's it called when you attack a Cockroach nest?

A Raid

"Raiders" are changing their name to "Tampons"

They're only good for one period and only have one string

What do the Raiders and a ritrement home not have in common?


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