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I saw a raggedy little boy on the street and asked him if he was an orphan. He said, "What gave me away?"

I said, "Your parents."

A Fishing Tale

On the shore of the Indian Ocean a raggedy Indian fisherman lay dozing with a hat over his face. Beside him two fishing lines were stuck into the sand.

Up comes an American.

'What are you sleeping for?' says the American. 'You'd be better off catching fish.'

'What for?' asks the fisherman.

'What do you mean, what for? You'd catch some fish, you'd sell them and with the money you'd buy yourself a trawler.

The trawler would catch even more fish. You'd sell it and buy yourself an even bigger boat. You'd catch still more fish. You'd sell it.

Then you'd build yourself a fish processing factory . . . and get rich.

And then you could lie on the beach and sleep.'

The fisherman pulled his hat even further down over his face.

'But that's what I'm doing now.'

A raggedy old nun was walking home ....

.... from the convent one evening, when an old man jumped out of the bushes and had his way with her.

The man laughed and said: "What will you tell the Holy Father NOW, Sister?"

And the nun replied: "I can't lie to the Lord! I must say I was walking home from the convent when a man jumped out from the bushes, attacked me and had his way with me TWICE...... Unless you're too tired?"

Raggedy joke, A raggedy old nun was walking home ....

did you hear what the little boy found when he opened his toy box?

Raggedy Ann setting on Pinocchio's face screaming,"Lie to me, lie to me."

Why was Raggedy Ann thrown out of the Toy Box?

She kept sitting on Pinocchio's face, saying "Lie to me!"

Why did Raggedy Anne get kicked out of the toybox?

She kept sitting on Pinocchio's face and screaming "Lie to me! Lie to me!!!"

What did Raggedy Ann say

to Pinnochio?

Tell the truth. Tell a lie. Tell the truth. Tell a lie. Tell the truth. Tell a lie. Tell the truth. Tell a lie. Tell the truth. Tell a lie. Tell the truth. Tell a lie.

Raggedy joke, What did Raggedy Ann say

Clothes make the man (Joke from my nephew)

What's the difference between a sharp-dressed fellow on a bicycle and a raggedy looking guy on a unicycle?


What did Raggedy Ann say when she sat on Pinocchio's face?

Tell a lie...... tell the truth........ tell a lie ....... tell the truth

Why did Raggedy Ann get thrown out of the toy box?

She sat on Pinocchio's face and made him lie to her.

What do you call Raggedy Ann, in a puddle of mud, with a stone in her mouth?

A dirty cotton rock sucker.

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How did Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy spice up their sex life?

By trying button stuff.

Did you hear the one about the firedog getting rebuked by a Raggedy Anne?

You know what they say. Dalmatian.

Why did Santa kick Raggedy Ann out of the present bag?

Because she sat on Pinocchio's nose and said, "Lie to me."

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