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Yo momma's so fat, when she runs, she makes the CD player skip at the radio station.

There was this old woman who heard a song called β€œTwo Lips and Seven Kisses.


She called up information after hearing the song on the radio to get the name of the record company.

In dialing, she erroneously called up a gas station, and she asks, β€œDo you have β€œTwo Lips and Seven Kisses?”

The gas station attendant who answered the phone said, β€œNo, but I have two nuts and seven inches!”

So the woman asked, β€œIs this a record?”

To which the man replied, β€œNo, its average!”

I'm actually glad that 2 Chainz mentions his name at the begin of every song.

It gives me time to change the radio station.

Radio Station joke

When you're driving and Nicki Minaj is on all 3 radio stations at the exact same time, there's nothing left to do except crash your car.

The local radio station reports that there's a driver going the wrong way on the motorway

The man decides to call his gf to warn her about it

I know, but it's not just one she says there's hundreds

The local radio station is having a contest.

First place wins a week in New Jersey.

Second place wins 2 weeks in New Jersey.


*An old silly one...but a grin inducer nevertheless*

Mr. Fienstein called the FM radio station and said "I've found a wallet with $400, a credit card and an ID card belonging to Mr. Smith, No.13,Halls Rd, Jackson, TN."
To which the radio jockey says " Oh how honest. So you want his wallet returned back to him?"

Mr. Fieinstein says "No……. I just wanted you to play a sad song for him".

Radio Station joke, Considerate.

Ever listen to the radio station WPMS?

3 weeks of the blues, one week of rag-time

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Governor Christie met with Snooki over the weekend, but things got a tad awkward when Christie licked his lips and asked, "But seriously, are you actually a meatball?"

Big Catholic news, the Pope recently stated that it is possible for atheists to go to Heaven. However, what he didn't say is once they get there, they have to spend all eternity helping Buddha squeeze into his yoga pants.

In entertainment, "Fast and Furious 6" critics say the film did not live up to the hype. Especially when the first 45 minutes of the film were Vin Diesel sitting in his Dodge Neon scanning Tokyo radio for a Limp Bizkit station.

Bad news, a marijuana tax bill stalled in Colorado. Glossy-eyed congressmen promise they'll finish the bill as soon as this rad 'Stairway' solo is over.

In a recent speech, Biden hinted that government research is often wasteful. Such as Biden's $3 million study on if he saw Bigfoot getting the paper yesterday or just Sarah Palin before her morning shave.

And finally some science news. A recent marine study found that fish can use sign language. However, what was more surprising was the terrifying gang signs used by the east L.A. river fish crew, "Gills that Kills".

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What do bribed radio stations do to up and coming artists?

They FM.

GTA V for the PC is taking so long to release...

all of the radio stations will play classic hits.

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Two policemen . . .

Two policemen call the station on their radio.

"Hello. ..... Is this the Sarge?"


"We have a case here, Sarge. A woman has shot her husband
dead for stepping on the floor she had mopped."

"Have you arrested the woman?"

"No sir. The floor is still wet."

A police officer called his station on the radio.

"I have an interesting case here. An elderly woman shot her husband for stepping on the kitchen floor she just mopped."

Dispatch replied, "have you arrested the woman yet?"

The officer responded, "Not yet. The floor is still wet."

An old lady shot her husband on the foot ...

An old lady shot her husband in the foot for stepping on the floor right after she mopped.
An officer reached on the scene and radioed into the station.
Station: "Has the women been arrested ? "
Officer: "No, the floor is still wet ...."

An old lady shot her husband for stepping on floor she just mopped

A police officer called the station on his radio, "I have an interesting case here. An old lady shot her husband for stepping on floor she just mopped".

Operator, "Did you arrest the woman?"

Officer, "No. The floor is still wet."

A drunk guy calls a radio station...

...and tells the RJ,"I found this purse outside Raven's club. It has 1500 dollars in cash, a credit card, an iPhone 6s, and a driving license with Rebecca's name on it."
The RJ asks in an impressed tone,"It was good of you to call us. Do you need my help contacting her so that you can return the purse?"

"No. I just wanted to request a sad song for Rebecca."

Radio Station joke, A drunk guy calls a radio station...

I heard Chris Brown was starting a new radio station...

It will be nothing but hit after hit.

Why did all the residents of Flint, MI switch from the hip hop station to the classic rock radio station?

They wanted to get the lead out.

I heard Hotel California for the 6th time on the radio during my cross country road trip.

You can change the station any time you like, but the song never leaves

Gun loading announcement...

Apparently my local radio station had an announcement on how to load a gun.

But I never got the bulletin.

What do you call a Hispanic radio station?

Mixed Signals

A police officer called his station back on Radio.

He was at a murder scene where an old woman shot her husband for stepping on just mopped floor.

Dispatch: So was an Arrest made ?

Officer: Not yet.

Dispatch: ?

Officer: The floor is still wet.

A Grand Prize

I phoned my local radio station today.

When the guy answered the phone he said, "Congratulations on being our 1st caller, all you have to do is answer the next question correctly to win our grand prize."

"Wahoo!" I shouted in delight.

"It's a Maths question," he said. "Feeling

"I've got a degree in Maths and I teach it at my local school," I proudly replied.

"Okay then, to win 2 VIP tickets to see Justin Bieber and to meet him back stage afterwards, what's 2+2?"

"7," I replied.

Today, I applied for a job at my local radio station...

...stay tuned for the story!

What is Harry Potter's favorite radio station?

Sirius XM

I turn on the radio to a classical music station and the music was getting static

I was getting FeedBach.

There's a new radio station in town

called WPMS. It has a monthly programming cycle, three weeks of the blues then one week of ragtime.

I listened to a colonialist radio station the other day on the way back from work

It was just white noise.

What happened to the shark that wanted to work at a radio station?

He died after he went on air

What's the difference between Chris Brown and a radio station?

Radio stations only have 90 minutes of nonstop hits.

What's a dogs favorite radio station?

W A L K... the woof.

Whats my dog's favorite radio station?


The local radio station was asking listeners to call on with their favorite Stars in Horror Movie

I was the first caller and said "Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman"! Aparently enunciation is EVERYTHING.

Radio stations are now pulling Do you hear what I hear? from their Christmas broadcast...

Because it is offensive to schizophrenics

Do you remember that radio station that 10 years ago only played music for old people?

I admit that today it is playing cool music.

I was scanning radio stations and landed on a religious show where the host made mention of Jesus's will.

I thought wow, someone should read that. It would probably solve a lot of arguments.

A radio station said to call their hotline to win a prize

All I got was a burnt hand

Recently the police were called to the residence of an elderly couple. The Chief radios the station that the wife has shot the husband.

The Sgt. at the station stammers "What? Why?" The Chief calls back "Well, apparently she warned him about walking on her freshly mopped floors one more time..." Sarge is in utter disbelief "Did you go and arrest her??" Chief said not yet. Sarge asked what the hell he's waiting for. Chief radios back "The floor still isn't dry..."

A police officer called the station on his radio.

I have an interesting situation here. An old lady shot her husband for stepping on the floor she just mopped."

Have you arrested the woman?

No, the floor's still wet.

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