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I think my math teacher works for the CIA...

He always wants to put radicals in isolation.

(My mother's proudest creation) What do you call it when you lobotomize terrorists?

Simplifying Radicals.

Yes, she's a math teacher.

What's the difference between parents who don't vaccinate their children and ISIS?

One is a group made up of radicals with extremist views.









And the other group is ISIS.

How does a mathematician want to solve terrorism?

He wants to simplify the radicals.

Why don't anarchists drink green tea?

Because it helps fight free radicals.

Teacher, I can't work with radicals!

I don't negotiate with terrorists.

What do you call it when you lobotomize a bunch of terrorists?

Simplifiying Radicals.

(MATH joke)

Radicals joke, What do you call it when you lobotomize a bunch of terrorists?

I failed my chemistry exam today. They asked me to give an example of free radicals.

Apparently, 'ISIS fighters' was not the correct answer.

Why can't politicians do algebra? (A series of jokes)

Why can't politicians do algebra?

They can't solve the inequalities.

Why can't politicians do algebra?

They're afraid of the radicals.

Why can't politicians do algebra?

They're just really s**....

Why are hippy drum circles like high frequency radiation?

They both cause the formation of free radicals.

Wanna know how to stop radicals?

You square them!

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What did the math teacher call the dumb terrorists?

Simplified Radicals

Everyone should start exporting tea to ISIS

Tea is known for getting rid of radicals.

I had to go talk to my math teacher since I missed the lesson on radicals

Glad I got everything squared away.

Why is the set including the square root of 5 and the square root of 4 similar to the set including anarchism and authoritarianism?

They are both unlike radicals.

What was Bernie Sander's favorite topic in mathematics?

Radicals. He loved finding the "root" of problems...

Radicals joke, What was Bernie Sander's favorite topic in mathematics?

Why wasn't Galois the first to prove the non existence of a solution by radicals for the general quintic?

Because he wasn't Abel

I had a hard time buying the idea that the CIA was funding research into antioxidants

...then I realized, they're concerned by free radicals.

Did you hear about the dating site for single chemists?

I hear it's just a bunch of radicals looking for bonds.

Why did the leader of an oppressive regime start taking vitamin pills in abundance?

Because there were too many free radicals.

Why does ISIS cause cancer?

'cause it's full of free radicals.

Why did the USA bomb the kebab shop?

Because there was a rumor they were harboring free radicals.

What's the final digit of the square root of 2 (√2)?

I don't know, sometimes radicals can be irrational.

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