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  1. TIL The American flag on the moon has turned white due to radiation Now it looks like the French landed on the moon
  2. TIL the American flag on the moon has turned into the french flag. Due to solar radiation, the red and blue pigment has disappeared, leaving the flag to be completely white.
  3. TIL the american flag planted on the moon is now completely white due to radiation from the sun. Great, now future archeologists are gonna think the French got there first.
  4. TIL that the radiation of the sun has caused the American Flag on the moon to be completely white So now it looks like France visited first
  5. There are six American flags on the Moon. Five of them are still standing. Due to the strong UV radiation, they are all completely white by now.
    So it looks like the French landed there.
  6. All of the flags on the moon have been bleached white by the radiation from the sun.. .. making it officially French territory.
  7. An ultralow frequency sine wave radiates into a bar. The bartender says, "Hey, why the long phase?"
  8. My friend passed away the other day. He will be missed. He would light up the room whenever he entered. Come to think of it, this should've been when we noticed the radiation poisoning.
  9. If they could prove cell phones give deadly radiation You could say to people you don't like "cant talk right now, you're giving me cancer"
  10. Did you know that the American flag on the moon was bleached due to solar radiation? Now it looks like the French landed there first

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  1. My radiator broke.
    Not cool.
  2. Which fast food produces the most radiation? >!Fission chips. !<
  3. Your momma's so fat She gives off Hawking radiation
  4. Babe, you can call me Solar Radiation. Because I'm about to get caught up in your ozone.
  5. Where are the happiest people on earth? At Chernobyl. They are radiating.
  6. Today a friend of mine died of radiation Guess he couldn't handle the neutron style
  7. What do you call the fallout from an Israeli nuke? Zionizing radiation.
  8. Radiators! They make great house warming gifts!
  9. Kids all over the world have beautiful smiles Kids from Chernobyl radiate
  10. Why is the Chernobyl incident so funny? I mean, it doesn't even radiate happiness.
  11. Coolest part of a space ship Coolest part of a space ship is the RADiator.
  12. What's the most important part if Japanese real estate? Radiation radiation radiation.
  13. What will happen if you stay in a highly-radiated city for too long? Chernobyl drop off.
  14. I was exposed to a dangerous amount of gamma radiation. It still hertz.
  15. Did you hear about the seal who was exposed to alpha radiation? He's a sealion now.

Radiator joke, Did you hear about the seal who was exposed to alpha radiation?

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Given that a radiator is essentially a vital o**... to a car, it's strange that the town in the movie cars is called "Radiator Springs."

It would be like if we called a city "Liver Pool."

My wife came home yesterday...

and said, "Honey, the car won't start, but I know what the problem is."
I asked her what it was and she told me it had water in the carburettor. I though for a moment, then said, "You know I don't mean this badly, but you're not mechanically inclined. You don't know the carburettor from the radiator."
"No, there's definitely water in the carburettor," she insisted.
"Ok, honey, that's fine, I'll just go take a look. Where is it?"
"In the lake."

When the US went to the moon....

...they planted the American Flag. After all these years the radiation from the Sun will have bleached it completely white, so now if Aliens find it they are going to think the French were there first.

Romney was asked about the Chinese going to the moon...

He responded that when they are up there, they will be able to see the flag we planted over 40 years ago. This is a pretty clever comeback. But the last laugh is on us. The US flags are now all beached white due to the unprotected exposure to the sun's UV radiation. This means the Chinese will think the French made it first.

When is being an "Alpha" not a good thing in the dating world?

When you are a type of radiation. No one wants someone who can't p**... well.

So a chicken and an egg are lying in bed together.

The chicken slowly puffs on a cigarette as he radiates satisfaction. The frustrated egg turns to him and barks, "Well I guess that answers that question."

Radiator joke, All of the flags on the moon have been bleached white by the radiation from the sun..