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TIL that the U.S. almost declared war against Russia by thinking that an allied underwater warship on their radar belonged to Russia...

Oops...wrong sub

What do you call a helicopter with no radar and no windows?

A Helenkelicopter.

Will invisible airplanes ever be a thing?

I just cant see them taking off.

(edit) : why doesnt this joke have any upvotes? I guess it kind of flew under the radar.

Radar joke, Will invisible airplanes ever be a thing?

They say stealth planes make your radar signature smaller, so you show up to the radar just like a small bird

"Sir, we think we've spotted a pigeon on the radar screen."

"Well what's unusual about that?"

"Well the pigeon is flying at about mach 2."

An Alabama cop is sitting behind a billboard on the highway doing radar.

Suddenly he sees a teenager in a Mustang fly by him doing 125mph in a 60mph zone.

He flips on his lights and goes after the kid finally catching up to him 2-miles down the road.

The cop walks up to the Mustang and says "Son, I been wait'n fer you all day!"

The kid replies "Sorry Officer, I got here as fast as I could!"

Whatever happened to Malaysian flight 370?

It just fell off the radar

My friends and I love to walk everywhere...

You can say we are a bunch of pediphiles.

Credit to "Last Man on Earth" for the very under the radar joke last week.

Radar joke, My friends and I love to walk everywhere...

Did you know why U boat captains brought dogs on boards ?

They thought subwoofers would improve their radar.

A fancy sports car gets pulled over by a cop

-You've exceeded the speed limit by driving 75 mph!

-Officer, here, take these 300 bucks and buy yourself a decent radar. I never drive slower than 100 mph!

If straight men use a radar, and gay men used a gaydar...what do I use?

A preydar

What does Darth Vader use to track objects ?

A Darth Radar

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I was at a costume party, but had decided not to dress up

I told everyone I was a really, really, really, really, really, stealthy airplane.


I then proceeded to drop off their radar.

Why did the rookie technician allow a German zeppelin to fly over Allied airspace?

It was just a blimp on the radar.

How did Anakin find the Sand People?

He used his Tusken Radar.

My first job was a dishwasher at the National Radar Company

Turns out the dishes were a lot larger than I first thought

Unidentified Submarine

Three Americans are sitting inside their submarine when suddenly they see an unidentified sub on their radar. They try to radio the people inside but no one answers. So they decide the best way to figure out who it belongs to is to go out into the water and look for markings on the sub.

First guy goes out, comes back a few minutes later and says "I couldn't see any markings on clue who it is."

Second guy goes out, comes back a few minutes later and says "yeah same here, no flags, marks, nothing."

Third guys goes out, comes back a minute later, laughing. First two guys are confused so they ask him what happened. He said,

"They're Romanians."

"How do you know that?" They ask him.

He says "I knocked and they opened."

Radar joke, Unidentified Submarine

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