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I brought my vegetarian girlfriend home for dinner...

...and my grandmother served us all, including my girlfriend, a very juicy, very much still hanging on the bone, rack of lamb. My girlfriend was looking at me in horror, whilst I took my gran aside.

"Didn't I tell you she was a vegetarian?" I asked.

She replied "oh yes dear, I checked with the butcher and he said the sheep he sells only eat grass!"

What did the hat say to the hat rack?

You stay here, I'm going to go on a head.

A man was dissatisfied with a Chad Kroeger album he bought off of the 95% rack...

So he returned it and got his Nickelback

Rack joke, A man was dissatisfied with a Chad Kroeger album he bought off of the 95% rack...

The final cookie

A man near death smelled his wife baking his favorite cookies down stairs. He decided if he was going to go he would have one last cookie before he went. He dragged his mostly useless body down the stairs and crawled to the counter where he knew the cookies were on the cooling rack. As he reached for a final treat his wife smacked him on the hand with a wooden spoon and said, "Those are for your funeral guests".

Bench Bros...

Two guys are in the gym working on their bench pressing when a busty coed comes up to the rack next to them and begins to do her workout. One guy turns to his spotter and says "hey you think that's a push up bra?" And his spotter says "nah brah, that's a squat"

I made this joke!

One day the king feels the urge to examine his castle dungeons and ensure everything is running smoothly. His examination is going well when he runs across the guy operating the rack. After a bit of conversation the king asks how the rack operator's job is going to which he replies "well, it's just one long 'knight' after another."

A necktie and a hat are sitting on a coat rack....

The hat says, "you can hang around if you want, but I'm gonna go on a head. "

Rack joke, A necktie and a hat are sitting on a coat rack....

9 out of 10 men prefer women with a big rack

The tenth man prefers the other 9 men.

Why won't skinny girls date fat men?

They get jealous when the boyfriend has a better rack than they do.

What do you call a woman who thinks she has the best rack in the world? [oc]


'Calm Your Tits' is derogatory.

Feminists reccomend, instead :
'De-stress the Breasts",'Soothe your Boobs', 'Give that Chest a Rest', 'Don't have a Rack Attack'


'Hakuna the Tattas'

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I was alphabetising my spice rack...

when I realised I have too much spare thyme.

How do you make a Welsh person comfortable while playing Scrabble?

Remove the vowels in his rack.

I went to buy a closet shoe rack...

but I wasn't sure if they were shoe racks or not. They hadn't come out.

When theres a rack of lamb, there is not a lack of ram.

Two Chefs get in an argument,

And they split the kitchen right down the middle.

One Chef has the oven and fridge on his side, and the other has the freezer, a spice rack, and a microwave on his.

So the first Chef looks at the other and says

"What are you gonna do? You can't cook anything in a microwave, you're finished."

The second Chef looks over and tells him

"I have thyme on my side."

Rack joke, Two Chefs get in an argument,

What is it called when a dyslexic has a slow computer?

A rack of lamb

What did Saddam Hussein say every time he played pool?

I rack.

I went to that new sexy internet café

My server sure had a nice rack

Yo, check out my spice rack...

No need to rush, I've got all the thyme in the world.

Playing Scrabble is like talking to women...

You spend the whole time looking at the rack trying to form words.

I wanted to rearrange all the spices on my spice rack

But I couldn't find the thyme.

What is a cougar's favorite kill?

A stagg with a nice rack!

Two hats were hanging on a hat rack in the hallway.

On hat said to the other: you stay here; I'll go on a head.

What does The Rock call his wife?

The Rack

I lost 45 pounds

My weight rack is really unbalanced now

They say bringing your bike to work is better for the enviorment

Why not
I have a roof rack anyways

I racked my brain and searched far and wide because I wanted to post a really great chemistry joke.

Alas, all of the good jokes argon.

I'm writing a play about doing cocaine off of a rack...

But I'm having a hard time getting past the titular line.

My friend told ne he was sleeping with twins.

Me: But how do you tell them apart?
Friend: Sarah has got a great rack and Tom has a moustache.

I had to clean out my spice rack and found everything was too old and had to be thrown out.

  What a waste of thyme.

Why is it impossible to keep Oedipus from cheating at Scrabble?

He's always trying to look at his mother's rack.

Its all feminism & love & support for each other amongst women

Until a girls walks in with big rack, designer cloths and nice hairdo.

I was bored, so I spent all day re-arranging my spice rack, only for one of the herb jars to exploded all over me...

I've got way too much thyme on my hands

What does Charles Dickens keep in his spice rack?

The best of thymes, the worst of thymes.

What did the old lady and the rack of ribs have in common?

They were both used to dry rubs!

I was gonna do a joke about Gumby on the Inquisition Rack...

But it was a bit of a stretch...

My friend needed to rack up some quick finance for our partnership business who would just sleep through and not meddle with management.

So we took in a 'sleeping'-partner.

Today my spice rack fell to the ground, making a big mess.

I finished cleaning all the rosemary and sage so now I have a lot of thyme on my hands.

What do male deer and the Kardashians have in common?

Every year, they get a new rack

The most likely place to find an assault rifle is...

on the spices rack, next to the apepper rifle.

Dating depressed girls is like shopping from the clearance rack.

You get way more bang for your buck

What do you get a slav for a birthday present?

A squat rack

There's a brunette, red-head, and a blonde in the same Kindergarten class. Who has the biggest rack?

The blonde. She's 19.

I relabeled all the jars in my mom's spice rack

I'm not in trouble yet but the thyme is cumin.

I head Thailand and Iraq are working together to create a new product.

It's called a Tie Rack

What do you call a Skyrim warrior with well endowed chest playing the lute and selling luxury merchandise at a discount?

Nord-strum Rack.

Hellen Keller walked into a bar,

A table, and a rack.

Last week I was bored, so I decided to swap around the labels on my wifes spice rack. So far, she hasn't noticed.

Mark my words though, the thyme is cumin.

My best friend was a chef. He called last week to say that he found a hidden message in his herb and spice rack. He was quite paranoid and later that day he was found dead.

I should have believed him when he said his Thyme was running out.

Two hats are on a hat rack...

One hat looks at the other and says, "You stay here. I'll go on a head."

I switched all the labels on my wife spice rack. I'm not in trouble yet....

but the thyme is cumin.

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