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Funniest Racism Short Jokes

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  1. Want to hear a racist joke? Just kidding, i'm not racist. Racism is a crime, and crime is for black people.
  2. Racism exists among all races of the world white people are just better at it, like most things.
  3. Racism and nickelback are very similar It's fun to joke about them, but you never wanna see them live.
  4. My teacher called me racist today.... So I told him " I am not racist because as we all know racism is a crime and crime is only done by black people."
  5. I am voting for Donald Trump because he will personally end racism in America... Racism can't exist if everybody's white.
  6. Racism is wrong I have never been racist before. It's wrong for anybody to be racist, it doesn't matter whether they're black, Asian, or normal.
  7. Racist Jokes Can we please start a thread of just racist jokes? Honestly the jokes here are really lacking we can combat that with crude racism.
  8. I hate capitalism, so i always type my messages in lowercase. i also hate racism, and refuse to run 100 metres.
  9. This racism thing has gone too far I mean you can't even say black paint anymore, you have to say "Leeroy, would you mind painting the fence"
  10. Rubix Cubes & Racism Why are Americans so good at solving the Rubix Cube?

    Because they're good at separating colors.

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Racism One Liners

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  1. Racism is like Nickelback... I like to joke about it, but I never want to see it live.
  2. There are 2 things in this world that i hate. 1. racism
    2. black people
  3. Don't let casual racism be a part of your life Go competitive
  4. Don't be racist; racism is a crime; and crime is for black people.
  5. Who would be the mascot against racism? A panda!

    He's black
    He's white
    Hes Asian!
  6. Racism is a subjective matter there are no black and white solutions
  7. What's the deal with racism? You're not running a race.
  8. If I say that all Chinese people are the same Is it racism or communism?
  9. Scientists created the first white laser. They were fired for racism and hate speech.
  10. What do you call the science of classifying living things? Racism
  11. Everyone's got a little bit of racism in them. Not me tho, I'm pure.
  12. Hey guys, Racism is a crime But crime is only for black people
  13. I was gonna make a joke on racism But I realized it was too dark.
  14. Australians are casual racists... Full time racism is too hard
  15. I oppose racism. Especially on highways.

Racism joke, I oppose racism.

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When Obama made his inaugural speech, they put him behind bulletproof glass.

And that's proof of the racism that still exists in America today. I mean, just because he's black, doesn't mean he was going to go and shoot everybody.

An Italian, a Mexican and an American are all on a boat...

The captain runs out yelling we're sinking we're sinking!! Everyone needs to throw something off the boat! The Italian says "We have too many of these in our country" and throws over pots of spaghetti . Mexican says "we have too many of these in country" and throws burritos over board. Finally the American says "We have too many of these in our country." Then he picks up the Mexican and throws him overboard.
Good ol' fashions racism.

Some people say telling a joke about chavs is as bad as racism

Nonsense chavs aren't a race. They're a subspecies

What does a s**... driver do with his slaves when he's bored?

He racism.

How did the racism conference go?

It was all white.

A football coach addresses his team amidst rumors of his racism...

and says:
"I know people have been saying things, but those rumors couldn't be farther from the truth. The truth is, I don't care what color any of you are. I don't care if you're black. I don't care if you're white. It simply doesn't matter. So, I'll tell you what. From now on, you're all green.
"Now, everybody get on the bus. Light green in front, dark green in back."

Racism is institutionalized throughout the US

Why else would black history be celebrated during the shortest month!

The Oklahoma fraternity just shut down for racism has re-opened under a different charter

They now call themselves the "Tri-Kaps"

You know guys, ironically, racism is alot like black people...

Cuz it shouldn't exist!!!


John: I'm not racist but I do prefer cutting my sandwiches diagonally
James: That's not racist at all
John: I know, I said I'm *not* racist

Black people and Jewish people are just like racism.

Racism is bad.

Or as Asians say 'Lacism'.

Now I'm a god fearing man, and I sure am against slavery and racism,

A little bit of racism

Scientists have found that your fingerprints may indicate that you are black or white. For example, if your fingerprints were found at the crime scene, you're probably black.

My favourite jokes are one liners about launderettes

What can I say, I love dry clean humour.

Looking for a word...

Racism is the discrimination of race. Sexism is the discrimination of gender. What's the word for the overweight..?

For some reason all of my friends are calling me racist

I just can't seem to get through to them that racism is a crime, and crime is for black people

Racism is deeply embedded in our culture

My mom always told me to separate w**... and colored before doing laundry

There's only one thing I hate more than outdated references and racism...

....The "I have a Dream" speech.

A man is trying to join a country club with a history of racism

The head of the club says "you may have heard of our reputation, and it does affect who joins". He pulls out a revolver and says "go shoot five black people and one rabbit"
"Why do i have to shoot a rabbit?" Says the man.
"You'll fit in well here" says the head.

Keep racism where it belongs

Between family and close personal friends.

While playing chess, my black friend said to me that white making the first move was racist.

I told him that toilet paper being white compensates for all kinds of racism.

What's faster than a black man with your TV?

His son with your DVD player!
I mean no racism in this joke*

Racism, white supremacy, xenophobia, sexism, misogyny, etc...these things aren't wrong.

They're just alt-right.

I'm torn: on the one hand, I absolutely hate xenophobia, sexism, and racism

on the other hand, orange is my favorite color.

Racism, unlike most matters, ... a black and white issue.

My friend says I'm a racist...

100% not true. Hopefully racism will die out soon. Like black people


It's the only thing white people won't take credit for

The fact that president Obama needs four inches of bullet proof glass at every public speaking event, is proof that racism is still alive

Just because he's black doesn't mean he's going to shoot everyone.

Racism at its finest

They asked a Scottish man
"What is better for you? A Muslim or a Jewish?"
He replied: the Muslim is better than the Jewish in the sense that gonorrhea is better than chlamydia

Racism is s**....

Why hate a person based on his/her skin color? If you just took the time to know them as a person, you can find a whole lot of other things to hate them for.

Three things I hate.

There's three things I hate: racism, Maxicans and hypocrisy.

Why are black peoples hands and feet white?

Because those parts are meant for workin'
PS: Racism is wrong.

Racism is inside every human but

we, white people, are just the best in being racist, like in everything else

I'm building an app to help people fall asleep at night. It'll be recordings of straight white men talking about gender identity, cultural appropriation and modern racism...

Name of the app is White Noise.

Someone once told me that Asians must have a hard time seeing where they're going.

That's just blind racism.

Some people say I've got a racism problem but I haven't

Some of my best friends are racist

An upset parent walks up to the coach of a local minor league's baseball team, "Excuse me, sir, but don't you think 'The Browns' is a racist name to have for the team?"

The coach replies, "what? No, the name is simply because the uniforms are brown. In fact, to avoid any signs of racism with the name, we don't allow any brown people on the team."

Racism is so s**....

You shouldn't treat someone differently just because they're from an inferior race.

You may have overcome racism...

but to your iPhone X all chinese still look the same...

Racism is bad

The only thing I hate more than racism is jews

Why shouldn't you throw rocks at black people on bikes?

Because the bike might be yours.
~~*no racism intended*~~

The Washington r**..., due to the incredible amount of racism, genocide and ignorance associated with that word, have decided to change their name to...

... The r**....

I hate racism. Everyone should be treated in the same way. Doesn't matter if you're Black, Asian, Hispanic or Normal.

Oh Rosie

It is hard to know the difference between racism that gets you fired versus racism that gets you elected President of the United States.

A blind athlete about to compete in the Paralympics is questioned by reporters on his accusation of racism. He replies...

'How can I be racist, if I don't see race?'

He deserves an accolade at least.

Teacher: What do we call the science of classifying things?
My Kid: RACISM, because Dad always emphasises on it.

We all know the rule about racism

You can't be white and make black jokes and you can't be black

I don't understand why everyone is surprised that the religious right is okay with racism

Every church I've ever gone to has told me Jesus is a white c**....

Q: What do Nickelback and racism have in common?

A: Both are fun to joke about, but I wouldn't want to see either in real life.

I found a perfect way to end racism for all

Give everyone whitening products

Warning RACISM alert 🚨

How do you thank a black friend?
Cheerio nigerio.

Look I'm not a big fan of racism

I'm just seven year old

Why hasn't Black Friday become a super racial thing?

Because capitalism is more important than racism.

Racism is a Race

Slow and steady wins the race.
Tell that to an asian pfft

What's thw difference between asian and rasicm?

Racism has many faces.

Biden Black joke

If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black !

How did the coronavirus blow a 100-10 lead on racism in the United States?

Because racism has the home-field advantage.

What's the difference between a Redditor that truly cares about racism, and one that doesn't?

Whether or not they use Dark Mode.

The Washington r**... finally decided to change their name to get rid of the association with historical racism

They'll now be known as the Arlington r**....

A lot of people are shocked by the recent events in NASCAR.

What is often characterized as a very conservative organization has taken a stance against racism. I'm not surprised at all though. To anyone who's been paying attention, from its very beginnings, NASCAR has always been veering to the left.


Sometimes if I wanna get someone's attention, I'll start a sentence with "I'm not racist,
"I'm not racist, but you look great today."
And they say, "that wasn't racist at all."
And I say, "I know. I said I'm not racist. You never listen. Typical Mexican."

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