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Why did the F1 Racer get electrocuted after finishing 1 lap?

Because he completed the circuit.

Picabo Street is a former World Cup alpine ski racer and model. When she was inducted into the National Ski Hall of Fame in 2004, her home town of Triumph, Idaho dedicated an entire wing of the local hospital to her.

It's called the Picabo ICU.

I use to be a car racer...

But I didn't have the drive for it and I drifted away from that career.

Racer joke, I use to be a car racer...

An F1 racer gets addicted to amphetamines.

He soon felt the *need* for *speed*

What do you call movie about a transgender chariot racer

Been Her

Non English speaking mom boasts about my profession to her friends "My son is a Racist!!!"


What do you call the worst destruction derby car racer?


Racer joke, What do you call the worst destruction derby car racer?

Why wasn't the racer ever able to win?

He lacked the drive.

An upcoming Racer is hesitating on his new career...

so he yanked out his side mirrors because he didn't want to look back.

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