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Boy: What's a palindrome?

Teacher: racecar

{10 years later}

Boy: [bursting out of bank in ski mask] where's the palindrome

Getaway driver: [sitting in kayak]

Racecar backwards is still racecar

but racecar sideways is how Paul Walker died.

If a piano player is called a pianist

Wouldn't a racecar driver be called a racist?

Have you ever thought about the word racecar and how it's a palindrome?

Put it backwards and it spells racecar, put it sideways and it kills Paul Walker.

Racecar backwards is still racecar

But racecar sideways is how Dale Earnhardt died.

Depressed race car mechanic.

Scene: a psychiatrists practice:

'Doc, I'm a mechanic I work for a racecar driver. It's utterly depressing ... I get to fix his car up, maintain it, tune it to perfection. But never -not once- have I been allowed to take it for a spin. It's crushing a depressing to think that such a wonderful thing is out there purring, but I'll never get to enjoy it. ...'

'Well sir, I think I understand just fine, my brother in law has the exact same problem.'

'Is he a mechanic too doc?'

'No, a gynecologist'

racecar backwards is racecar

Racecar sideways is probably Paul Walker

racecar backwards is racecar

Racecar sideways is what killed Paul Walker.

What do we want?

Race-car noises!

When do we want them?


My Cousin always brags about getting to sleep in a race-car bed

Joke's on him. I sleep in a real car!

What do you call a bisexual racecar driver?

The fast and the curious

Why are your hands covered in blood?

Two young children, a girl and a boy, are neighbours. One day they're playing naked in the boy's sandbox and the girl asks: "What's that?" pointing to the boy's crotch. He says he doesn't know. The boy asks: "What's that?" pointing to HER crotch. She doesn't know either...

So that night they each ask their parents. They boy's father tells him that his penis is a Racecar. The girl's mother informs her that her vagina is a Garage.

So the next day they play in the sandbox again, and when the girl comes home her parents ask: "Why are your hands covered in blood?"

She replies with: "The boy next door tried to drive his Racecar into my Garage, but it wouldn't fit so I ripped the back wheels off."

What do female racecar drivers wear?

a skkkkiiiirrrrrrrrrrttt.

My annoying cousin keeps bragging about sleeping in a racecar bed.

Jokes on him. I sleep in a real car.

Education is important

But racecar are importanter


A racecar backwards is still a racecar.

A racecar sideways is how accidents happen.

In the U.S., why are liberals better racecar drivers than conservatives?

They only take left turns.

What kind of pants to race-car drivers wear?

Cargo pants

Racecar spelled backwards...

Isn't racecar anymore. It's backwards

How many racecar drivers does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

It's impossible, they only know how to turn to the left.

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