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So doctor, do I have rabies?

Doc: Short answer. Yes.

Patient: What's the long answer?

Doc: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss.

So doctor, do I have rabies?

Doc: Short answear, yes

Patient: Whats the long answear?

Doc: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesss

Why did Chad tell everyone that he killed a cat with rabies?

Because he wanted everyone to know that "Chad slays mad pussy."

I'll never forget my dad's last words "son, bitches be crazy".

I just wish he could had said straight up that the dogs had rabies. He would have still been alive then.

What do you call a brothel riddled with rabies?

A frothel

A bunny...

It used to be a bunny, but after the dog with rabies bit it, it's rabbit.

*I'll just grab my coat and show myself out now...I know I almost nailed it. Just a hare short of a great joke*

A hunter accidently shot a sacred animal one day...

... And the devil came to him. He said 'Ordinarily, I would take you to Hell for this. However, I will let you go, as long as you are able to cope with living with 3 of the poor beasts you shot. However, you must keep them alive and close to you at all times.'

The hunter replied 'HA! Do your worst! I've killed these beasts, I can muster the strength to keep them under control.'

He devil raised the first; a rabbit, with rabies. The hunter wasn't fazed. Then the devil raised the second; a vicious boar.

The hunter said 'A bit of a challenge, but I expected more.'

'You asked for it' said the devil, and raised the last one; and the man immediately shot himself.

'Yeah...' Said the devil. 'His mother-in-law might have been overkill.'

A desperate gambler...

...is at the end of his tether after a series of bad losses. With his debtors closing in on him, he gathers up what cash he can muster and heads to his doctor. There he asks if he can get vaccinated against malaria, rabies, hepatitis, typhoid, yellow fever, and encephalitis.
"Wow" says the doctor, "Are you some kind of explorer? Where on earth can you be travelling to?"
"Oh, just Las Vegas"

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