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Some guys are talking about pets...

They get to talking about how good big dogs are because they can make good guard dogs.

One of the guys says "I preferred my old chihuahua pebbles better. And no other dog made me feel safer! He died killing a rabid full grown doberman for me!"

The other guys are confused and ask how that was even possible.

"The doberman choked to death."

I put makeup on a rabid marsupial

And called him Insane Clown Opossum

So I was sitting in divorce court...

and I realized: its a shame a family can be torn apart by something as simple as a pack of rabid wolves.

Yay Jack Handy.

What do you call a wild and violent rabbit?


What do you say when you see an idiot with a rabid dog?

Did you hear? Somebody released a bunch of angry, rabid owls down at the local junior high!

I tell you, school hooting is a real problem in this country.

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