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If I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put U and I together

And then move the rest of them to match the layout of a QWERTY keyboard too.


I bought my wife a qwerty keyboard for Valentine's Day...

...She said she wanted a divorak.


What is a pickup line you would use on someone who loves texting?

Talk qwerty to me


Girl are you a qwerty keyboard?

Because U and I were meant to be together.


Yo mama so fat

When she taps on the QWERTY Keyboard 26 letters pop out.


So i watched a movie about interogation computers the other day...

It's called Zero Dark Qwerty


Abcd and Qwerty get into a bar fight. Who wins?



The best thing about a QWERTY keyboard...

... is that U and I are always together.


What comes before OP?



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