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The Bible and the Quran tell us to love each other

The Kamasutra is more specific.

The Quran is like weed

Burn it and you get stoned.

What does the Quran have in common with weed?

Burn it and you get stoned

Quran joke, What does the Quran have in common with weed?

Isis and the Christian man

An ISIS member stopped the car of a Christian couple.
ISIS member: Are you Muslim?
Christian man: Yes, I'm Muslim.

ISIS member: If you are a Muslim, then recite a verse of Quran.
Christian man recited a verse from the Bible.
ISIS member: Ok yallah go.

Later his wife tells him: "I cannot believe the risk you just took.
Why did u tell him that we are Muslims?
If he knew you were lying he would have killed both of us."

"Do not worry! If they knew the Quran they would not kill people" answered the Husband.

Why didn't the Muslim youth get the coronavirus?

Because he was a Quran Teen.

This year I got my wife the Baking Bible for Christmas

because last year I got her the Baking Quran, which really blew up in my face.

I have the Quran on CD...

People sure are getting upset when I said I burned it.

Quran joke, I have the Quran on CD...

If you run out of weed..

try burning the Quran instead. It will also get you stoned.

I study different religions. Through dedicated research, I found one similarity that the Bible, Quran, Torah, and even the Book of Mormon all share.

They are all equally flammable.

I have a bag with a crucifix, Buddha, and the Quran inside.

Is this sacrilegious?

What was the name of Iran's first 80's cover band ?

Quran Quran

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I call my weed "The Quran"

Because when you smoke it, you get stoned!

Are you aware the the Quran specifically forbids dating Gorillas?

It turns out you're not supposed to have a Haram Bae.

What do Muslim children color with?

A Quran

What is the square root of the Quran?

Radical Islam.

What do you call a man who raps about the Quran?

Muslim shady

Quran joke, What do you call a man who raps about the Quran?

So i heard Simon LeBon converted to Islam

The band changed its name to Quran Quran

You know what the Torah, Quran, and Bible all have in common?

They're all super flammable.

Why does the Muslim browse Quora?

Because he's looking for a Quran.

Apple started selling slam poetry books.

Quran suddenly become popular in the west.

Occupied with taking the virginity of virgins There is so much sex in the Quran, hadiths and tafsirs,

you'll forget 50 shades of grey

What Do You Call A Muslim Band?

Quran Quran

What do you call it when you study the Quran while eating a scoop of vanilla ice cream?

Allah mode

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