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TIFU by going to Subway instead of Quiznos

Oops, wrong sub

Investigation finds rise in complaints regarding worker incompetence at Quiznos locations

> "Whoops, wrong sub"

TIL: A man sued Quiznos after being hospitalized for an allergic reaction when he received another guests sandwich.

woops, wrong sub

TIFU my wife's Quiznos order

Whoops, wrong sub

Whether it is six inches or twelve inches filling me...

I'll still pick Subway over Quiznos.

Sorry, dude, but you made my sandwich wrong!

When I come to Quiznos I expect to receive the right sub!

My girlfriend and i went to Quiznos so i could get food before work. I took my food with me to work and

Whoops! Wrong sub.

Did you hear about the Quiznos scandal where the management was pushing their tasks off onto their employees?

The media is calling it deli-gate

Welcome to Quiznos!

If it's not served fresh at our store, we won't give your kids our meat.

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