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My girlfriend dropped this on me after some Tex-Mex last night ...

"I'm chilly"

She steps closer and takes my hand

"Will you be my con queso?"

And before I could even respond ...

"Sorry, was that too cheesy for you?"

I bought two jars of queso instead of one...

The other one is just in queso-mergency.

Queso is the perfect food for socialists....

'cause everybody chips in!

Queso joke, Queso is the perfect food for socialists....

When I was visiting Mexico, I found it strange that they would keep cheese in their first aid kits.

Turns out it was just there in queso emergency.

Earlier today, my friend was in the kitchen and spilled hot queso all over her feet.

Guess she had Tostitos.

What did the tomato say to the cheese in court?

I rest my queso.

I just had some cheese dip and got an upset stomach

Turns out it was a bad queso gas.

Queso joke, I just had some cheese dip and got an upset stomach

Why do Mexicans have a secret cheese stash?

In queso emergency.

Why do Spanish-speakers only use the fire extinguisher when they burn the cheese?

Because they were told, only use in queso emergency

A Mexican went to a Halloween party dressed as a yellow triangle.

Someone asked, Are you cheese? The Mexican replies, I queso.

Why did the man carry cheese dip with him?

In Queso emergency...... i should go to bed...

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Did you hear the one about the detective that found a lost jar of cheese dip in the fridge?

He cracked that cold queso...

I asked a Mexican if he wanted cheese on his burger.

He replied, "I queso."

How does the Cheese Detective choose his clients?

On a queso by queso basis.

My wife graduated first in her class at culinary school

She graduated Summa Con Queso.

Two Spanish cheeses are having an argument. One turns to the other and says, "Queso, what's the problem?"

That's nacho concern.

Queso joke, Two Spanish cheeses are having an argument. One turns to the other and says, "Queso, what's the prob

Someone asked why I keep a bunch of cheese in my pocket

I said it's there in queso emergency

Whenever I travel to Mexico, I always pack more cheese than I think I'll need.

Just in queso.

What's Captain Picard's first instruction to his employees, in anticipation of the Friday evening crowds at a Mexican restaurant that he supervises?

*** Make queso, number one. ***

Just came across my first Mexican cheese -

Nobody expects the Spanish en queso chen

Okay, so?

Oh! Queso.

Sorry that was cheesey.

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