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Why do India never qualify for the world cup?

Because whenever they get a corner they open a shop.

Does this qualify for NSFW?

This old lady came to the bank i work at to withdraw $10. i told her that for withdraws less than $100 she has to use the atm. so she asked to withdraw $1000 in $10 bills. it sucked but i counted it out and handed her the money. she took $10, gave me $990 and said deposit this

So this dude dies and goes to heaven...

... as he's approaching the pearly gates, St Peter says to him. "Ok, it's like this. You don't get into heaven just for being good anymore. You have to have done something really great. Can you think of anything that might qualify you?"

The man says. "Well, I once saw a group of really mean bikies harassing a little old lady. So I went up to the leader, I spat in his face, I kicked over his bike and I insulted his girlfriend!"

St Peter says, "That's terrific! When did you do that?"

"Oh, about 30 seconds ago."

Qualify joke, So this dude dies and goes to heaven...

When you don't qualify for a Nobel Peace Prize...

... Go for the Darwin Award!

So if Lucy died 3.2 million years ago after falling from a tree...

...does that qualify her for a Darwin award?


So I heard there was a Bi-athlon event, how many men and women do I need to sleep with to qualify?

I like to think of my willpower as being like a bunch of people.

When it's time to go to bed, my people tell me to go to bed and I stay up late. When it's time to get up, my people tell me to get up and I stay in bed.

If I get any better at going against the will of my people, I could qualify for FCC chairman.

Qualify joke, I like to think of my willpower as being like a bunch of people.

At my university the only way to have a mini-fridge in my room is to have a medical condition...

Apparently being an alcoholic doesn't qualify...


Now that Uber doesn't have a CEO, COO, CFO or CTO, they may finally qualify as a self-driving car company.

Why didn't Napoleon qualify for the urgent marrow transplant?

They couldn't get his bonepart

How do altar boys qualify for their job?

By oral examination.

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How do you qualify a slim and seemingly shady argument?

It's an ad eminem.

So I got denied a job at Home depot

So I applied to work at Home depot and apparently selling stoner slaves doesn't qualify me to be a leaf blower salesman

Italy failed to qualify for World Cup 2018


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