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What do you call a quadruple amputee waiting by your door?


How do you quadruple the capacity of a gay bar?

Turn all the stools upside down.

(Not trying to offend anyone, just a raunchy joke I heard from my GFs dad)

A quadruple amputee is opening his present on christmas.

He crawls over to the tree and tears in to the wrapping with his teeth. The paper flies everywhere as the present is revealed.

"Not another hat..."

Quadruple joke, A quadruple amputee is opening his present on christmas.

What do you call a quadruple amputee who's a member of organized crime?

The head

What did the quadruple amputee say when he couldn't solve the riddle?

I'm stumped.

I remember there was a Quadruple Amputee in my High School Gym Class


Did you hear the joke about the quadruple amputee?

it's Been reposted so many times that it's still running

Quadruple joke, Did you hear the joke about the quadruple amputee?

A man walks into a bar after the summer solstice and orders a quadruple vodka

The bartender asks, "Is everything alright?"

The man sighs and says, "It's been a long day."

Quadruple entendre by me

An addict, a musician and a baseball player all walk into headquarters...

They're on the base.

My father was discussing the costs of a quadruple bypass surgery with the doctor.

When he heard they would be charging for each incision, he said "What kind of cut rate operation is this?"

Did you hear the Quadruple amputee's joke?

Since no one lent him a hand in making it, it didn't have a leg to stand on

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