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Have I ever told you guys about how I escaped from the Middle East?


Oman the whole story is ridiculous.

I basically had to Qatar cross the border.

Just like Bon Jovi, I was basically Lebanon a prayer the whole time.

I know it doesn't sound like a true story, but I assure you Israel.

Honestly I could tell you more but it Kuwait.

Match the middle eastern country to its sworn enemy...

- Bahrain
- Lebanon
- Qatar
- United Arab Emirates
- Egypt
- Syria
- Jordan
- Iran
- Iraq
- Saudi Arabia
- Algeria
- Morocco
- Yemen
- Oman
- Kuwait

1. Israel

Most people are blaming FIFA for awarding Qatar the 2022 World Cup because of the Extreme Heat.

Well I am not worried about it because of the fans.

Qatar joke, Most people are blaming FIFA for awarding Qatar the 2022 World Cup because of the Extreme Heat.

I made a game where you play a soldier saving people in the Middle East.

Qatar Hero.

I got an email from a Nigerian Prince asking me for $100,000 to help him build a business and in return I am promised 10 fold. What does he think I am a fool?

I already invested in a Prince from Qatar for half the price last week. Sucker can't scam me.

People say the World Cup in Qatar is a bad thing...

But when it's all over they're going to have some great stadiums to behead women in...

I went out and bought FIFA the other day.

It's great being the Emir of Qatar.

Qatar joke, I went out and bought FIFA the other day.

A Qatari,American,and Indian are in a boat in middle of sea.All are bragging about their country

The Qatari : In our country,we have excess of oil.*Throws all fuel in the sea*.

The American : In our country,we have excess of advandced gadgets and technology.*Throws every gadget in the sea*.

The Indian : *Throws both of them in the sea*.In our country, we have excess of people.

I'm really impressed with the enthusiasm of the workers getting Qatar ready for the World Cup

They're dying to get the job done.

My friend from the Middle East has really low self esteem.

Thus I was not surprised to find out that she was a Qatar.

Dire Straits are looking for an agent in the Middle East..

They should check out Qatar George...
He knows all the Kurds.

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What is Saudi Arabia's favorite instrument?

The Qatar


I barely even know her!

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