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What are some Pyromaniac jokes?

What did the pyromaniacs say when their kid told them he wanted to be a firefighter?


My friends all tell me I'm a Pyromaniac...

I tell them not to worry. We'll burn that bridge when we get to it.

A zoophil, a murderer, a necrophiliac, a pyromaniac and a sadomasochist were gathered at a party

A zoophil, a murderer, a necrophiliac, a pyromaniac and a sadomasochist were gathered at a party. After a while they started to get bored, and the zoophile suggested they go out to find a cat they could rape. The killer was enthusiastic and suggested they kill it afterwards. The necrophilic was happy and wanted to sleep with it after it was dead. The pyromaniac looks at the others with wide eyes and suggest they burn it afterwards. Everyone looks at the sadomasochist and asks him: So what do you have to contribute to this conversation?

The sadomasochist: Mjaaauuu ...

A missing Chinese pyromaniac has been located hiding out at a Roman Catholic monastery.

He was found praying with friars.

What did the pyromaniac say to the love of his life?

You're a perfect match

What did the pirate say to his pyromaniac son?

Arr! Son!

My friend's a pyromaniac...

I guess you could say he has a "burning desire".

I have an ability that I can leave buildings 3m before the fire alarm goes off

But for some reason people call me pyromaniac

What's a pyromaniacs favorite part about tinder

The matches

Roses are red, violets are red, everything's red...

I'm a pyromaniac.

What do you call a white pyromaniac?

A firecracker.

How does a pyromaniac react when they get flammable Coco cola for Christmas?

He's soda lighted!

Two pyromaniacs fight each other.....

It was totally lit.

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