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A zoophile, a pyromaniac, a necrophile and a masochist are siiting on a bench...

... in a park. The zoophile comes up with a twisted idea:
"Let's find a cat and fuck its brains out", he says.
"Yeah, and then let's burn it to a crisp!", adds the pyro.
"Brilliant idea, so we can fuck it, burn it, then fuck it again", says the necrophile.
The masochist's eyes light up as he says: "MEOW!"

I'd like to dedicate this joke to our dearest David Cameron in the light of the recent piggate scandal.


What did the pyromaniacs say when their kid told them he wanted to be a firefighter?



A sadist, a bestiality fetishist, a pyromaniac a necrophiliac and a masochist are at a party

A sadist,a guy with a bestiality fetish, a pyro maniac, a necrophiliac and a masochist are in a party trying to have some fun, while a cat runs past them.

The sadist says : We should find the cat and cut it a hundred times with the sharpest knife we can find

The guy with the bestiality fetish says : Do whatever you want with the cat ws long as I have a go at her

The pyro maniac says : Afterwards we should burn the cat!

The necrophiliac says : And after you burn her I'll have my go at her!

The masochist says : Meow


What did the pyromaniac say to the love of his life?

You're a perfect match


Why was the pyro so upset when he searched for his favorite book in the library database?

Results showed "no matches found"


My friend's a pyromaniac...

I guess you could say he has a "burning desire".


What's a pyromaniacs favorite part about tinder

The matches


What did the pyromaniac pirate say to get his kid's attention?

Ar son


How does a pyromaniac react when they get flammable Coco cola for Christmas?

He's soda lighted!


Two pyromaniacs fight each other.....

It was totally lit.


What do a pyrotechnician and a women with a yeast infection have in common?

Fire in the hole!


What did the Pyrophile say to the sexy fire?

Mmm, Day Ash!


What do you call a Belgium detective that sets fire to things?

Inspector Pyro


A pyromaniac recently joined tinder...

He got a lot of matches


What do you call a Belgian detective that sets fire to stuff?

Inspector Pyro


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