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A old man as a pet mongoose who gives birth.

Deciding he can't look after the mongoose and the pup he decides to donate them to the zoo and writes a letter to explain.

Dear zoo,

I would like to donate two ~~mongooses~~ ~~mongeeses~~ ~~mongi~~




Dear zoo,

I would like to donate one mongoose.

PS here is another.

A farmer asked his trusty sheepdog to go out and collect all the sheep and put them in the barn for the night.

Oh course the loyal pup went and did just as he was asked.

He came back and told the farmer that all 100 sheep were safe in the barn.

Confused, the farmer said "But I only have 97 sheep."

The pup says "I know, I rounded them up."

Two men and two women are on a train.

There is a mother and daughter on their way to have a holiday, and there is an old general and his valet, a young sergeant. The train goes through a tunnel, and everything is dark. There is a *mwsshk!* and a *smack!* and the train leaves the tunnel.

The mother thinks, "that young man stole a kiss from my daughter and got slapped for it!"
The daughter thinks, "that young man tried to kiss me, and kissed my mother by mistake!"
The general thinks, "that upstart pup steals a kiss and I get slapped for it."
The sergeant thinks, "not bad! I just kiss my hand and get to slap the general, and here comes another tunnel!"

My new sheepdog pup just swallowed a whole cantaloupe in one!

Since then he's a little melancholy.

My 85 year old Grandfather just burned me so hard...

Me: "Hey Pup, know what I've been thinking?"

Pup: "Is that what I smell burning?"

A dog comes upon a set of train tracks

As the pup crosses the tracks a train comes by and runs over the dogs tail, causing the tip of his tail to fall off.

Saddened by his loss, the dog turn around to sniff his lost appendage.

As he is sniffing his tail another train comes by and cuts his head off.

The end.

The moral of the story:
Don't lose your head over a little piece of tail!

Were do dogs go to get beers?

The pup

What's a dog's favorite movie?

Pup fiction.

I just realized I've been missing all the front page posts about animal shelters.

It must be this paw pup blocker I've installed

What's the difference between a hill and three legged dog?

One's a slope up, and the other is a slow pup

What's a bitch's favorite form of advertisement?

A paw pup.

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What kind of tents do dogs sleep in?

Pup tents!

Let's end with a joke.

Why did the psychiatrist feel his patient was a pup tent and a teepee?
They were too tense.

Free pup to a good family

He's a friendly pointer-terrier mix who is full of excitement and energy. He loves kids, but he normally gets kibble.

pot smoker who loves coffee

Did you hear about the pot smoker who loves coffee and his dog? yeah, he said the best part of waking up is baking with his pup.



Where do young dogs sleep when they go camping?

In a pup tent.

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