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Indian Taxi Driver

My regular Indian taxi driver picked me up whilst singing along to his crappy Punjabi music at the top of his voice.

He smiled when I pulled out my set of new ear plugs, "Looks like you've come prepared this time," he said laughing.

I smiled back at him, "Yes," I replied, as I put them up my nostrils.    

My Indian friend taught me an authentic Punjabi dance. I've got some real Sikh moves.

I saw two Punjabi guys fighting...

It was a Sikh fight.

Punjabi joke, I saw two Punjabi guys fighting...

A guy named Miles gets lost during a marathon in India...

"Surely I should be at the finish line by now!" he thinks.

Shortly he comes upon a group of Punjabi people, practically a score of them. "Excuse me," he asks, "Have you all seen anyone running a race around here? I'm not sure how long this thing is supposed to be. If so, can you point them out to me?"

Twenty Sikhs point to Miles.

What do you call half a dozen Punjabi that are not feeling well?

Six sick Sikhs

They should make a Bollywood movie about a poor Punjabi guy that wins a singing contest against all odds.

It'd be called Singh: A Song

I have a Punjabi friend

He Singhs very well

Punjabi joke, I have a Punjabi friend

Did you hear about the Indian man who was recently employed as a comedian?

He got a punjabi.

What do you call a Punjabi fellow stuck in the middle of a shark-filled ocean?

Amandeep trouble.

What do you call a PB&J in India?

Punjabi sandwich

Never make a mistake of telling a Punjabi....

"The Force is within you", he might think you are refering to the 9th or 10th glass of whisky.

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