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What did Lorde say to her sister when, seven minutes and fifty-five seconds into watching Pulp Fiction, they were kidnapped by an evil warlock who said that he would turn them into the last food they heard someone else talk about, and she asked Lorde for reassurance that everything would be okay?

"We will never be Royales."

What is created when you rub two oranges together?

Pulp Friction

Short Irish Joke

There once was an Irishman who got so drunk while he was in Rome that he kissed his wife and beat the Pope's foot to a pulp with a coal shovel.

Pulp joke, Short Irish Joke

Have you seen the movie about Samuel L. Jackson eating an orange?

It's called Pulp Fiction.

How does Samuel L Jackson create fire with an orange?

He uses Pulp Friction

Remember the guy who played in the deer hunter, and pulp fiction. Christopher something or other.

Anyway, I heard he's opening a new hospital. I think they're going to call it the Walken clinic.

What's a flamboyantly gay horse's favorite food?!

Likely a mixture of things like grains, seeds, and beet pulp.

Pulp joke, What's a flamboyantly gay horse's favorite food?!

What do you call a made-up orange?

Pulp Fiction!

What are stories about oranges?

Pulp Fiction

One time there was an Irishman who got so drunk

He kissed his wife and beat the Pope's foot to a pulp with a coal shovel

Got beaten to a pulp by a sensitive cyclops

All I said was "What's up, Big Guy?"

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An orange juice factory decides to host a movie night..

They will be screening Pulp Fiction

Why are cops not good dentists?

When it's white, they ignore it
When it's yellow, they ignore it
When it's a bit brown, they ignore it
But when they see the black of a cavity they beat it to a pulp

What do you call a movie about artificial orange juice?

Pulp Fiction

What kind of books do fruit read?

Pulp Fiction

Turns out Parmesan cheese could be as much as 60% wood pulp...

Which is why you should always go camping with Italians. As long as they stay regular you'll have kindling for fire.

Pulp joke, Turns out Parmesan cheese could be as much as 60% wood pulp...

What do you call fake orange juice?

Pulp Fiction

What's an oranges' favorite movie?

Pulp Fiction.

What do you call it when orange juice lies about the amount of pulp it has?

Pulp fiction

What's the difference between the Emoji Movie and Pulp Fiction?

Nazi's didn't start running around a month after Pulp Fiction.

I was watching Pulp Fiction again and... flatmate pops in and says, " Why are you watching this again?, you have seen it a thousand times already."

"Just for the gags"

Why do they call OJ Simpson OJ ?

Because he beats women to a pulp.

What is the highest religious authority among oranges called?

The Pulp.

Y'know when the carton says "pulp free" but then it has some pulp anyway?

Pulp Fiction

(Sorry if you've seen this before, my friend told it to me)

I wish I could stop quoting Bruce Willis movies.
I guess that old habits... pulp fiction.

Allegedly, OJ Simpson was often beaten while in prison

I only wonder if it was to a pulp or no pulp

What do you get when rubbing two oranges together

Pulp friction

What do you call it when the Annoying Orange tells lies?

Pulp Fiction

I have an addiction to making references to random Bruce Willis movie titles. People have tried to help me stop but you know what they say. Old habits...

Pulp Fiction

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