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Kid at church

A kid and his mom are sitting in church. The boy says he feels sick and is going to throw up, and his mom tells him to go outside and puke. The boy returns 2 minutes later, to the mother's surprise. The boy said, "there was a box out there that said, 'for the sick'. How convenient!"

Guy calls his buddy and says, "Hey man, I'm throwing a party this weekend!"

"Gonna get a case of beer; what are you thinking?"

Buddy responds, "Anything but Heineken is cool with me. Drank a case of Heineken last weekend, and I blew chunks."

Guy says, "Dude, drinking a whole case of anything is going to make you puke."

Buddy responds, "No, man, you don't understand... Chunks is my dog."

I hate puke...

It's a bile substance

Puke joke, I hate puke...

My wife got mad because I used the word puke.

But to me that's what her dinner tasted like.

Gay men make me puke.

But, maybe I should stop deep throating so far...

I nearly puked on my girlfriend, but she moved out of the way just in time

She ducked my sick

Faggots make me puke...

... I gotta stop deepthroating so far.

Puke joke, Faggots make me puke...

A guys says to another: "Gay people make me puke!

The other one replies: "Well, not everybody can take deepthroat."

Eating my cooking is like going to the fair.

It looks fun, but you'll probably just puke.

Why was the wall covered in puke after a party?

It got plastered.

gay men make me puke

don't deep throat so hard then

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What is green and smells like bananas?

Gorilla puke ... 10 year old me laughed for hours.

If you puke up your lunch...

you have a net 0, but a gross gain.

My GF pukes on me when she drinks too much.

I abuse her as well.

Feeling sick before work.

The other day I was hanging out with my buddy Collin and noticed that he doesn't look to good.

He said that he feels like he is going to puke, has a growing headache and has work in a couple of hours.

He then said "I'm just ganna text my boss Lynn that I'm not feeling well today and will get someone to cover my shift"

With no responce he had only one other option.
Collin had to call Lynn, to call in.

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