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Funniest Puerto Rican Short Jokes

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  1. Why is there so little Puerto Rican literature? Because the spray paint can wasn't invented until 1949.
  2. A Puerto Rican meteorologist sought counseling. When asked "why?" he replied, "Tropical Depression."
  3. Why are Puerto Ricans & Mexicans discouraged from marrying each other? Bc their kids will be too lazy to steal.
  4. Donald Trump was carrying a Colt 45 When asked why, he said it's just for shooting cans.... Africans Mexicans and Puerto Ricans
  5. How many Puerto Rican voters have to die before Trump decides to save one? All of them. Puerto Ricans can't vote in the presidential election....
  6. A mexican, a black person and a puerto rican are in the same car. Who is driving? The cop.
    PS: I in no way support this. Just heard it somewhere. :P
  7. Guys, you've been seeing Trump throwing paper towels at the hurricane affected Puerto Ricans the wrong way Clearly, he's a fill-n'-throw-pist.
  8. I'm an expert in Puerto Rican Judo... Judo know if I got a knife, and judo know if I got a gun
  9. What do you get when you mix a Puerto Rican with a goat?? A w**... eater that doesn't work.
  10. What did the Puerto Rican guy say on his s**... note? I am going to commit DEATH-PACITO.

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Puerto Rican One Liners

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  1. My friend said he is 25% Puerto Rican... So he calls him self a Quarto Rican.
  2. How do you know if someone is Puerto Rican? They tell you.
  3. What is the Puerto Rican national anthem? Partly in the USA
  4. What did the Puerto Rican chef say when he couldn't find his phone? "Where did mofongo?"
  5. My wife is half Puerto Rican... ...and my kids are Quarter Rican
  6. What is a Puerto Rican woman's favorite thing to wear? A dress-pacito
  7. Why are there no Puerto Ricans on Star Trek? They aren't working in the future either.
  8. Why do Puerto ricans have so many kids? Because pulling out is work!!!
  9. What do Puerto Ricans call spicy food? Food
  10. What did the Puerto Rican dish say when he lost his Android? Where'd mofongo?
  11. If Jesus was a Jew . . . If Jesus was a Jew, why did he have a Puerto Rican name?
  12. How come Puerto Ricans don't like blow jobs? They don't like any kind of jobs
  13. What is the Puerto Rican national anthem? Row row row your boat
  14. what do you call 2 Puerto Ricans playing basketball? Juan on Juan
  15. I shoot cans... Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, and Africans.

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A Canadian, a Swiss, a German, a Mexican, a American, a Korean, a Austrian, a Brazilian, a Estonian, a Filipino, a British, a Egyptian, a Icelander, a Jamaican, a South African, a Puerto Rican, a Chinese, a Latvian, a Moroccan, a Taiwanese, a Spaniard, and a romanian walk into a fancy restaurant.

The waiter stops them and says Sorry, you can't come in here without a Thai.

Who's driving?

A black guy and a Puerto Rican are in the back seat of a car. So who's driving? No one! They're both research scientists gathering data on the performance of Google driverless car. You racist.

Why is the s**... rate so low for Puerto Ricans?

You can't jump out of a basement apartment.

A Puerto Rican and a white guy were standing on a tenement roof.

The white guy turned to the Puerto Rican and said, "The updrafts on the side of the building are terrific. Watch." The white guy jumped off the side of the building, fell to within a meter of the sidewalk and floated back up, landing on his feet on top of the building.
The Puerto Rican was so impressed he decided to try it. He took a flying leap off the side and a few seconds later splattered all over the sidewalk below.
Two cops were watching from across the street. One shook his head and said to the other, "Boy, that Clark Kent sure hates Puerto Ricans."