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What day of the year are there no hackers on PUBG?

Chinese New Year.

Why couldn't the 2-seater bike stand up by itself?

It was two tired.

Billy! What have you done?!

I spent 1,500 $ on a pc to only play PUBG Mobile.

*Aim for Billy's head.

When you kill someone with your car in PUBG

PUBG swore they would end fortnite.

2 weeks later, Fortnight was over.

Do you know that in PUBG?

There are more guns at School than at the shooting range

Do you know what a person gets in Africa after winning a game of PUBG?

No dinner

PUBG just put up a new update

The game sure is running smoothly now

What do they call pubg in France?

Fornite battle royale, with cheese

Even time I get dumped, I fall back to PUBG.

Because my first 6 options got closed.

Pubg trolling is fun

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The UK is the only place

Where it's easier to get a chicken dinner in PUBG than KFC

PUBG is fun but really hertz my eyes sometimes.

Have you seen PUBG on the Xbox One? Oh, wait...

...It hasn't rendered yet.

How do you get an Absolute Zero in PUBG?

Zero Killwin

I have a friend who always commits suicide on PUBG

He's vegetarian.

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