Ptsd Jokes

What are some Ptsd jokes?

Why is PTSD like riding a bike?

You never forget

I'm not saying me and my partner are freaky in bed......

....But our memory foam mattress has PTSD.

I am trying to get some help for my PTSD...

But it always seems to be one flash forward and then two flashbacks.

Jokes for the SJW

What's the difference between a third wave radical feminist and an ISIS terrorist? One of them doesn't get PTSD from twitter.

Where did Cookie Monster develop PTSD?

Viet-nom nom nom nom nom.

What do you call math that gives you PTSD?


Why did the Giraffe have PTSD?

Because he was giraffe'ted into the war.

Also Melman's job didn't pay well.

People on Tumblr have PTSD

Potty Trained and Socially Disordered

We're throwing my dad a surprise party... celebrate his last PTSD counselling session.

A Afghan war veteran took a class in woman studies.

Now both men on horses and men on cows triggers his

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