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What kind of trails does a crazy person travel?

Psychopaths. (I hate myself)

If mental hospitals had walkways...

They'd be called psychopaths.

How do crazy people get across the woods?

They use the psycho-paths

Psychopaths joke, How do crazy people get across the woods?

What do you call walking trails behind mental institutions?


What do you call trails where crazy people walk?


Should we eliminate psychopaths from the gene pool?

On face value it might seem like a splendid idea, but as much suffering and pain these individuals put the rest of us through... We still need women for survival of the species.

For my cakeday, a joke for you Connecticut state residents out there.

What's the difference between Bridgeport, CT, and Gotham City?

One's a post-industrial urban hellhole ridden with violent crime, corruption, and murderous psychopaths, and the other's Gotham City!

Psychopaths joke, For my cakeday, a joke for you Connecticut state residents out there.

Dolphins are the Ted Bundy of the animal kingdom

Raping murdering psychopaths, but white women love them.

Why are hair stylists the best psychopaths?

Because they want everybody to dye.

I work at a psych ward and let me tell ya things are so PC these days its getting ridiculous

We have to call the psychopaths "empathetically challenged"

We need trails in mental hospitals

Just add some psycho-paths

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