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I sat at the cafe today.

No cellphone.

No tablet.

No laptop.

I just sat there.

Drinking coffee.

Like a Psychopath.

I've got a friend who's a psychopath and he's got a brilliant sense of humour.

He kills me!

How does a crazy person walk through the forest?

He takes the psychopath.

How does an insane man get through the forest?

By taking the psychopath.

hhhhehehhehe good one right? yeh? no..? ok.

jokes about psychopath

How did the crazy person find his way out of the woods?

he took the psychopath!

What did the psychopathic dry cleaner say to his victims?


What's the best way to get to the mental hospital?

Take the psychopath!!

Psychopath joke, What's the best way to get to the mental hospital?

A psychopath, a racist and a police officer walk into a bar

He orders a beer.

What's the difference between a sociopath and a psychopath?

You can't ride your bike on a sociopath

What do you call a road that doesn't care about anyone?

A psycho-path.

How do crazy people make it through a forest?

They take the psycho-path.

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A man sits in a coffee shop sipping from a cup of coffee

A man sits in a coffee shop sipping from a cup of coffee, no laptop, no tablet or no phone, he just sits there, like a psychopath ..........

How do crazy people walk through the woods?

They take the psychopath.

What path do crazy people take in the park?

the psychopath.

What's the scariest path?

The psychopath

A murderous psychopath runs into a bar and yells.

Shots for everyone.

Psychopath joke, A murderous psychopath runs into a bar and yells.

A Psychopath murdered a Muppet yesterday...

He felt nothing.

Where Did The Crazy Distance Runner Go To Run?

The Psycho-Path.

How can you tell if a psychopath is a magician?

They make everyone disappear.

Why did the psychopath cry as he stood in the dock awaiting his sentence?

Because he lachrymose

How do crazy women get through the forest?

They take the psycho-path.

Why won't you ever hear a psychopath urinate?

Because the p is silent

Everybody really loves the new "IT" movie.

But when I dress up as a clown, and lure kids into the sewer with red balloons I get diagnosed as a psychopath.

Why did the Spanish Psychopath only kill on trains?

Because he had a locomotive

I just learned I'm a psychopath

I'm not quite sure how I feel.

How did the serial killer get through the woods?

They used a psychopath.

Psychopath joke, How did the serial killer get through the woods?

My girlfriend is how I get through tough times.

Been dating her for 5 years and I always keep her picture in my wallet. Whenever I face difficulties in life I take out my wallet and stare at her picture. And it comforts me knowing that if I can survive being in a relationship with this psychopath I can survive anything

Someone I know was diagnosed as a psychopath.

He doesn't know how to feel.

A guy was drinking coffee in a coffee shop

He had no laptop, no smartphone, no Ipad. Doing nothing but just enjoying a coffee.. what a psychopath.

When crazy people go walking,

They can take the psychopath or the sociopath.

What do you call a blind psychopath?

Out of sight, Out of mind.

300 characters is all I have to prove I'm not a psychopath

I'm going to use them all

Keep your eyes out for the early signs of a psychopath:

1) Obsession with setting fires
2) Persistent bedwetting past the age of 5
3) Cruelty to animals
4) Pronouncing "GIF" with a soft "G"

How does a crazy person travel through the woods?

They take the psychopath

My doctor said I'm a psychopath...

I don't know how to feel about that.

Never tell a psychopath they're a psychopath. It upsets them.

Are you upset?

Dogs run around naked, roll in dirt, and whine for a belly rub all the time.

So why when I do it, I just get called a psychopath?

What would you call a movie staring Jake Paul and a Psychopath?

Dumb and Dahmer

What do crazy people do when they get lost in the woods?

They take the psychopath!

While gaming last night, I was called a loser due to still having my default skin

But when I showed up to school, the next day, wearing a new skin, I'm a psychopath.

A psychopath, a sociopath and an empath walk into a bar...

I know there's a joke in there somewhere.
Any suggestions?
I just can't make it out.

Why is 6 afraid of 7?

Because 7 is a megalomaniac psychopath

What does a very convincing communist and a psychopath have in common?

People leave them with big red flags

What do you call the trail to the insane asylum?

A psychopath

In what way is ice cream like a first date?

You're a psychopath if you eat either at room temperature.

Yeah I carry a gun on me at all times

You have to these days ... because you never know when some psychopath is gonna come up to you and say ...

..."you're fired."

\-Dave Attel

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