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Explore the light-hearted side of psychedelics with this collection of jokes about mushrooms, rainbows, and meditating on their medicinal properties. Laugh out loud and find out why shrooms make for such an entertaining topic.

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Psychedelic Harmony..

There I was, in the middle of nowhere.. Not a body for miles around.. As I lay in the silence, I started hearing murmurs; whispers of tales and epics long past.. The silence was talking to me.. I fell into a sweet melancholy.. As I listened to the silence, a calm trance took hold of me, the harmony of nature was filling up my soul.. The flurry of unknown sensations kept stimulating my senses, and I started to wonder how I got here and what was happening to me.. Then it dawned on me,

My brother must have kept the cookies hidden for a reason..

Psychedelic Playthings...

So I should probably stop covering my child's toys in LSD and leaving them out...

... I've heard they can be a trip hazard.

Psychedelic mushrooms reduce authoritarianism and boost nature relatedness - science shows.

Yeh - it's hard to salute when you're face down in the grass.

I once attended a lecture on psychedelic drugs

It was about punchline expectations. According to the unicorn, anyway.

Did you guys hear about that trippy psychedelic reggae band based out of Des Moines?

They're called Iowa Ska.

My friend gifted me a colourful carpet recently.

I put it in the living room, but I tripped over it constantly. I asked her: Where did you get this?

It was the psychedelic rug store.

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