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Psychedelic Harmony..

There I was, in the middle of nowhere.. Not a body for miles around.. As I lay in the silence, I started hearing murmurs; whispers of tales and epics long past.. The silence was talking to me.. I fell into a sweet melancholy.. As I listened to the silence, a calm trance took hold of me, the harmony of nature was filling up my soul.. The flurry of unknown sensations kept stimulating my senses, and I started to wonder how I got here and what was happening to me.. Then it dawned on me,

My brother must have kept the cookies hidden for a reason..

Psychedelic Playthings...

So I should probably stop covering my child's toys in LSD and leaving them out...

... I've heard they can be a trip hazard.

Somebody says video games don't have any impact on your psyche. I can't agree with that.

My Ex-girlfriend played Tetris a lot in her childhood.

She's still waiting for a long stick.

A Suicidal person and a Homicidal person are roomed together in a psyche ward

The homicidal person says "we share a common interest"

i once met a guy in a psyche ward who told people he was a jar of peanut butter.

I was told he was pretty nutty

What is the deadliest kind of teen?

A hungry one.


A guillotine.

Psychedelic mushrooms reduce authoritarianism and boost nature relatedness - science shows.

Yeh - it's hard to salute when you're face down in the grass.

Vladimir Putin is banning Brazzers saying it's bad for the psyche.

"Psyche". Now I know how to say 'wrist' in Russian!

I just found out that 23% of women are taking psyche medications.. I can't believe it...

That means 77% are walking around untreated.

I have good friends


I'm so prepared to take this psychology exam tomorrow! I've been studying all night and day.

Psyche! I'm so screwed.

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