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I got a PS5 for my brother.

Best trade ever.

ps5 candle joke

PS5 smells like you are not getting one !

I'd tell you a joke about the PS5

But you probably wont get it

Yay got a PS5 for my kid.

She cried a bit when I left but I'm sure her new parents will love her.

The p in PS5 stands for panini.

PS5 pope joke

Whoever made this going to hell and I’m going with you !

PlayStation 5 joke

It looks like it's being squeezed to me. Like it's being forced into a dress a few sizes too small.

Xbox series X vs PS5 joke

You've got mail !

Xbox series X vs PS5 joke

It looks like a router, but I dig it.

Has any product design ever screamed "ugh we have to make one with a disc drive" as loudly as the PS5

What did xbox series x say to ps5?

Your tera-flopped

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What do you call a call a bratty child that's mad that they didn't get a PS5 for Christmas?


the original name for the ps5 was pspspspsps

but it kept attracting cats

Xbox ps5 rotate joke

How to switch the Xbox series X from vertical to horizontal ? Can you do that on your PS5 ?

Xbox ps5 rotate joke

The PS5’s design looks like it’ll be a skyscraper in Shanghai next year.

My friend doesn't know if he wants the new Xbox X or PS5

A couple of us have tried giving him advice but he's still very troubled about the decision. Nobody can console him.

I saw two ladies fighting over the PS5. One knocked the other out.

She must have been an ex-boxxer.

The new X Box Series or PS5 should have a CD stacker installed.

It would be a real game changer

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