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Bear & Human encounters

If bears and humans live in close proximity, they can be prepared ahead of time for such encounters. Obtain airhorns and pepper spray.

If the first couple of blasts of an airhorn doesn't scare them off, then run at them with an airhorn blasting. If you get close enough, use the pepper spray.

If the humans still won't run away, roar in their face. If they still don't leave, then the chances are they are too stupid to have any friends, so it is safe to slap them upside the head.

Feminists are like proximity mines.

Anything can trigger them and they blow it way out of proportion.

What is the greatest quality to look for in a woman?


Ground control to Kerbal III, how willing would you be to share your proximity to the equator?

We have zero inclination.

Why are people in silicon valley better coders than others?

Because of their proximity to the {**c**};

I'll let myself out..

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