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Are you looking for some laughs? Read this collection of jokes that poke fun at the different Canadian provinces! From Alberta to PEI, these jokes are sure to make you chuckle! Whether it's an AKS in Saskatchewan or an invasion of Prince Edward Island, this article is sure to bring you some good laughs.

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  1. My girlfriend recently left me and moved to a northern Canadian province. She was having Nunavut.
  2. I said Canada was made up of ten provinces and two territories But the Inuits were having Nunavut.
  3. You get to choose between visiting Canada's largest territory, or all the provinces together. It's either all of it or Nunavut
  4. Without looking them up, do you know the names of all the Provinces, Islands, and Territories in Canada????????? Well, apparently, Nunavut matters.
  5. Every province in China has its own, unique foods. Panda Chinese Kitchen comes from the Heatlamp province.
  6. Did u know that al the flags on the moon have been bleached white due to radiation? This makes the moon an official province of France
  7. With cannabis being legal for over a year in canada, every province has access to w**... except quebec. They only get oui'd
Province joke, With cannabis being legal for over a year in canada, every province has access to w**... except <a h

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  1. Some people say Canadian province names are silly. Personally, I'll have Nunavut.
  2. I had a test on canadian provinces today I got nunavut right
  3. I petitioned to rename a Canadian province... Their government would have Nunavut
  4. I tried telling him to stop eating Canadian provinces But he's having Nunavut
  5. Ayy girl, are you the Nangarhar province? Because I want to drop my MOAB in your tunnels.
  6. In support of France, Canada opens new French province called "Quebec."

Province joke, In support of France, Canada opens new French province called "Quebec."

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Did you know? In Marseille, they actually give you a certificate with every souvenir you buy, as a means of demonstrating that it's a genuine product of southern France.

It's proven Provence province provenance.

How Canada Was Named

So the dignitaries of the associated Provinces of what we now call "Canada" got together over a game of Scrabble to determine the name of the country. They decided they would pick the name based on the first three letters they grabbed. First one: "C, eh?" Second one, "n, eh?" Third one, "d, eh?"

A man from quebec and a man from Newfoundland meet in a bar....

A man from Quebec and a man from Newfoundland meet in a bar, one of them finds a lamp, he rubs it and a genie comes out, he grants the two with one wish each.
the guy from Quebec says "i want a big, 40 foot wall arround the entire province"
the genie claps his fingers and says "here, done"
the one from Newfoundland aks "is your wall waterproof?"
"uhh yeah?" responded the guy from quebec
"fill her up"

The Farmer had an ill-tempered Donkey.

The donkey would refuse to plow the fields and would kick any anyone that came close to him. One unfortunate day, the donkey kicked the farmer's wife, who died from the blow. During the f**..., thousands of men showed up from all over the province. Feeling amused, a neighbor asked the farmer, "Thats a lot of men paying their respects. Was your wife popular back in the day?"
The farmer bursts out laughing and says, "No, they're here to buy the donkey!"

At the height of the Cold War...

At the height of the Cold War, a landmark summit was convened with leaders from every province within the Soviet Union. The representatives arrived very early but the meeting was still delayed. Why?
They were all Russian, but one was Stalin
Note: made this up after being inspired by a recent joke on here.

Province joke, At the height of the Cold War...

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