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Pro-Tip: If a girl in a hot bikini DMs you about crypto

Ignore him.

Protip: If you're looking for a needle in a haystack... should probably be more concerned about confronting your horse concerning his drug problem

Protip: If you stir some coconut oil into your kale

It makes it easier to scrape into the trash

What did the cow say when she got hit by a car?


What did the cow saw when she fell into a ditch?


What did the cow say when she fell onto the electric fence?


What did the cow say when she got hit by a train?

"Why does everything always happen to meeee?"

Protip: My dad wrote this joke for me when I was six.

What's the difference between a life pro-tip and a pro-life tip?

One tells you to keep the kid, the other is instructions for building a pipe bomb.

What do you call advise about foreskin hygiene?

A protip protip.

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